Blossom To End The Week-End

A quiet week-end...

And it's over once again, however, we had a great quiet week-end at D´Box. Most of LOTH's projects are finished and that's a good news. He can rest of a while and of course he will start a new one, once he will get restless. I know, he will be §;-)

No complains in whatever from my part, weather, kids, GH (great hubby), the love of my my life and even myself. Everything is its place,  I am happy, I found some time to join again my fave memes that I been enjoying. So, hopefully, I have a quiet this coming week at work. X your fingers, ladies?

 This is my place to be 
LOTH's place to be
 OUR place to be, enjoying the calmness of the morning 
 Vintage cut crystal. Lid is always a MUST on summer days

 Am not sure what you call this in English! Refresh my mind, pls?
 Swedish salted fish roe... we use this in boiled eggs, yummy...
 GH present on my bday last year, pineapple finial, symbolizes summer...
 Can you imagine? This mangoes came directly from Florida... TY Maleka...
   Pelt hard bread, nice and yummy with eggs and the fish roe
 Showing you the simple blings on our breakfast table
Fresh pick pioness from our backyard...

More glimpsing the coziness and I can get enough of my  pretty colorful things.
They make me happy and so grateful whatever I encounter in this call LIFE:
Contentment... is my word of wisdom for today... 

Hope you have had a blissful week-end and more blissful week to come.

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13 kommentarer:

  1. What a wonderful table for two!

  2. Vilken mysig plats att äta frukost på. Dina äggkoppar är helt underbara. Du får ha en fin start på veckan.


  3. Så mysigt ni har det!!
    Kram från Australien♥

  4. I like seeing all your bright things on your pretty white table. My favorite picture is the chair with the hat and pillow. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog gthis week!

  5. As usual, the setting is beautiful :) Happy weeeknd my friend :)

  6. I love the colors of this beautiful setting!

  7. This is a beautiful setting! I love the colors. Thank you for visiting me. Love to hear from you! Have a great weekend.
    Blessings My friend,

  8. Simply beautiful. I love all the bright colors. So artfully presented.

  9. You sure know how to relax, Chie. Love this. I love the throw pillows, such pretty prints and colors. And I want some mangoes!!...Christine

  10. What a wonderful spot that you've created, Chie! You have so much color and so many pretty things.

  11. LOOK WHO'S TALKING ABOUT BEAUTIFUL THINGS!! I'm loving the oriental egg!'s so cute, just clever with the hard boiled egg, so, I'm gonna copy you! I love your space dear Chie, you make the most inviting little table with fabulous to go and visit you in your new country, so fun!!! You have the most beautiful collors in your creations, so bright, happy and full of life, JUST LIKE YOU! Muchos besos amiguita para ti!

  12. So pretty a setting with the bright and lovely colours! A sweet spot for breakfast! And the hard bolied eggs look so cute in their beautiful eggs. Enjoy your weekend.


  13. So very pretty! I love the colours! Angie xo


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