TS joins TTT on my TEA mood on a rainy day...

An absolutely dreary and rainy day---

Rainy days on summer... that is! Did I whine? I might a lil but I can't do anything with the weather, so, I am trying to entertain myself by doing things that I love most....

Yeah! if it is sunny, then I am out doing gardening, so here I am inside---
If weather can't invite us the sunny day, then what you will do?
I gathered the things I need for a Tea Time
Sparkly makes my day gay...

I am giving my sparkly white a dash of color "pink"
Baking Time, muffin forms from The Philippines
Banana Muffins, that is!
OMG, looking gorgeous...

Mango, peach and lemon keeps my colds away...
Loving the dash of my color of the day...
Flower in a dome day? §;-)
Just giving them a great place
I made Blueberry bun left-overs as biscuits...30 mins in oven and it's perfect!
HAPPY FLOWER POWER on my rainy day...

Hope you all have/had a great w/end. Enjoy the best of it.
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Happy joining all gorgeous.

24 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, your tea looks so inviting! I love the colors on your little bird. What a great way to spend a rainy day :)

  2. Oh my goodness. These look soooooooo good. I love them. Such a lovely setting and they muffins are devine. Thanks tons for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Wonderful shots of arrangements.

  4. It is RAINING here too!!! I can SEE the WEEDS out there in my garden LAUGHING at me,hehe!
    I LOVE,LOVE,LOVED your post. It is SO YUMMMMY! Love those little tins, they make a perfect flower. Don't you just LOVE the smell the house gets from banana muffins in the oven!
    I love the HINT of color you used with all the whites, "SO PERFECT"!
    Have a FUN Week,
    Big Hugs to you,

  5. Those muffins look scrumptious! One of those and tea would make my rainy day blues go away!

  6. I would love to come for tea. Everything looks beautiful and delicious! I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by.
    Mary Alice

  7. Your dishes are lovely. Anytimes is a good time for tea. The little muffin cakes look divine. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Perfectly charming!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. How pretty your muffins turned out. I love all your white dishes.

  10. Oh how I would love to sit and have tea with you. Your table is lovely, I love your white tea pieces. Your muffins look amazing and I'm sure they were delicious. The fleur frosting is adorable. I'm so happy to meet you. I think you made the absolute most of a cold rainy day!

    The French Hutch

  11. It is raining here too and I also have muffins in the oven! Yours are so pretty baked in those lovely tins. What a pretty presentation they make. I am so happy to have you join me for tea. You are most welcome to join me anytime. I have other friends in Sweden too. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.


  12. Oh, I meant to mention how pretty your white china is, and with sparklies too. *smiles*

  13. very pretty =)
    i like the sparkles !

  14. Such a pretty tea table,you've set! And beautiful china as always, you have the most gorgeous dishes...love 'em! The muffins look delish and the tin molds are adorable as well. Thanks for inviting us for tea. Hope the weather clears up for you and sunshine greets you soon. Thanks for your sweetest note. Enjoy your day:)Hugs,Poppy

  15. I think your wonderful tea time would chase away any rainy day blues!! Everything looks very well put together. I love that you added just the right amount of color to the table. Thank you for coming to Your Cozy Home Party. Don't forget the Grill, BBQ and Picnic Party on June 17-23. Hope you can join us. ------------ Shannon

  16. Å, vad gott det ser ut! Yummy :) Nix, det var inte Iittala... men en identisk kopia inhandlade på en factory outlet för $6/styck!! Bargain :D Ha en trevlig dag! Kram från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  17. So glad that have I stopped by this evening as I found this gorgeous, sophisticated tablescape…perfectly suited for any event.

  18. Yummy...I'll take tea with milk please :)

  19. This is one of your loveliest tables capes. Elegant and sophisticated. I like the touch of whimsy with the sparkles, and the banana muffins are beautiful. I'll bet that they were delicious. Hope that you're back out in your garden soon. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  20. Such CUTE muffine, Chie! I have never seen individual muffin tins like that. They bake up such a cute taste treat!!! You did a great job of decorating them, too! Your sparklies look great on the table! A wonderful way to brighten your day when it's dreary outside. Send that rain to my house. We need it!!! It hasn't rained in a long time here. I fear a drought this summer. NOT good!!! Now I'm craving something sweet after looking at those muffins! :-) Have a good weekend, and I hope the rain lets up soon so that you can get back out in the garden!

  21. Vilken gofika du bjuder på, dina muffins var
    både fina och ser goda ut. Strålande sol och
    klänningen är på, och grillköttet ska i marinad.
    Bäst och passa på såna här fina dagar.
    Solig kram och trevlig helg

  22. Hi darling, what incredible pictures. I'm wondering what type camera you use. Your vignette is gorgeous. Love the sweet muffins all dolled up just for us, they look delicious. I would love to join you for some tea.. hugs ~lynne~

  23. Your whites are adorable. The muffins look really pretty too. When you get a storm, it's good to stay inside and drink tea!

  24. Oh how I am loving your gorgeous white with the sparkly crystals. And yes, that pop of pink is perfect! Your banana muffins are so tempting and the frosting, well it's the icing (literally) on the cake!


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