SSS2 Around and About...

Week come to an END!

Isn't it too quick? Absolutely too quick... Gee! It's already the month of July? Dóh... and soon Autumn? EU didn't start its summer yet? Arrrgghh... complicated? Indeed, I am, what I mean the weather... Well, I can't do anything about it and neither do you, so, what shall we do? Enjoy and have fun, right? When sun shines, run out for the shadow hunt, if not? then we go around inside our houses and we might find the great shots in there.

Oppss... this is my gear for today... Sporty! You have a hint where I am going...
I passed by my cubby house & it looks their screaming for a "HELP revamp US!!!"
I was deaf that moment & continue...
Voilá! my dance Victoria Secret bag, where am I heading?
I passed this gasoline station and Panda winked at me, who can resist not taking a shot?
The whole thing is a shadow from the advertisement on the glass
The entrance of my dance school "TIDA", I love the crispy shots not one or 2 but lots!
I & my dance partners always had a great time. I missed them so much, the giggling time,
The "stepping on me" thing and "You know what I mean?"
Hope to see, meet and dance with them again. 
Anyhow, after an hour, time to head home...
This was what I met when I came at D´Box
Gee! Lil Missy is chillaxing in the backyard?
MOTH was busy watering his crops
Oh, thank you MOTH, for bringing out the laundry *wink
Home Sweet Home, I guess? EEEEEKKK!!!... chaos here... 
But you still can see subtle shadows, do you?
I am packing all table blings & stuffs but this is another story to be continue...
So, keep on looking at me §;-) 

Hope you are having an enjoyable trip of my day inside and out of D´Box. My SSS always starts at home and ended at home and you always find the shadows we are looking for, subtle and crispy.

Don't forget to press the logo to head-over the gorgeous 3'Marias
TY a mill ladies, for having this funtime every week-end.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Such a fun post, giving lively commentaries along the way! Wonderful variety of shadows along your journey!

  2. You were obviously dressed for your walk, and the many sights along the way. It was a fine day for that stroll, not too hot under the Swedish sun. And upon your return, the family was busy with their chores. It looks as if it was a very fine day for you!

  3. I like all your shadows today - especially that one at the gas station!

  4. Love the panda! Lots of fun shadows here. ;-)

    The backyard looks lovely.

  5. Gomorron
    Det låter så roligt med dansen, fina foton
    tog du på vägen dit också. Roligt och se
    hur ni har det i trädgården, ser ut som
    grönsakerna växer bra.

  6. Love your garden sistah, your daughter is so pretty, mana sa Momma!


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