Modified Midsummer @ D´Box on SSS2 Day...

Have you heard how Swedes celebrates Midsummer?

Well, to those who are not keen of the European Midsummer, it was said that this day, is one of the most celebrated day specially in Scandinavia, Latvia and Estonia, apart from Christmas day. Press the link, pls? Mid-summer

Usually, one of my cousin and her family, host this celebration every summer, then gather our families and dear friends. This time, it was hosted by D´Nics at D´Box due to the reason that my cousin is in The Philippines, enjoying their summer vacation.

So, here's from last Mid-summer hosted by our municipality
Mid-summer party followed at Glyn's house...
The 2011 Maypole, hosted by Municipal Counsel

HERE'S MID-SUMMER 2012-06-22
D´Box style- Ay! Caramba...
Thank you, we have a great sunny day...
MOTH childhood friend & wife prepared the snacks... then MOTH on the way to?
... check the drinks and behind is the buffé table---
Lil Missy and 2 of cousins are busy pampering our Maypole, D´Box style
MOTH & cousin's hubby jacking up the Maypole
While cousin's & a nephew are busy the BBQ...
I took the opportunity to posed besides our Maypole b4 everyone §;-)
Young girls poses for my SSS2 with the mini-Maypole, thirsty?
I guess, this 2 old blokes are, indeed... THIRSTY!Yay... hope they won't read this §;-)
While BIG kiddos are starving, §:-) nephew, Lil Missy, Big kiddo & step grandson
Gotcha! don't Ya think, this gals are more starving rather than the kiddos? Wheewww...
Who can resist on the table? Typical Swedes Mid-summer food
And of course with the touch of a Filipino dish... makes perfect!

Enjoying the shots!!!  
 The pretty Mid-summer girl...
Bro & sis got smile on their faces... 
Home Sweet Home...
 Swedish Mid-summer dessert (ice cream w/ meringue) topped with strawberries...
 My lemoncurd cheesecake topped with exotic fruits, for summer taste
Our traditional game is "Billycock" can you guess or gestures? he he he...
OMG... it's 10.30 pm now... the garden party is over... roger & out...

to all who celebrated this day. Hope to have more sunshine...
B4 anything else, head over to our Meme hostessess...
3's Marias what I call this gorgeous ladies...
TY a bunch for hosting and I am enjoying everytime I join the fun time...

God Bless My Shadowlandia...

Thank you to all who never gets tired coming to visit me and I am proud to share my simple way of life.

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  1. What a fun post!! I love the shot of you posing with the May Pole. :)

    1. Hi,
      Ur funny Kelly!
      My family called my "Mrs. Frog" *blush...

      Thanks for liking.

  2. such lovely fun, family photos...thanks for sharing!!!!!

  3. You guys are having so much fun and the little peak I toof of the food looks yummy!! Your lil Miss is gorgeous, like her mama. Thanks for sharing "mi querida muchacha"! Have a great mid-summer Sunday.

  4. What a fun way to mark midsummer (or the summer solstice)! It looks like everyone had a great time. And food!

  5. A fun way indeed to mark the summer solstice and what great captures of the day!! Such a wonderful time seems to have been had by all! Thanks for sharing the fun!


  6. A colourful, fun post! Love how you decorated the May pole! Such a delightful celebration!

  7. Oh what a fun time. I love your pics of all the family and your wonderful traditions. So much fun. Hugs, marty

  8. The family time is wonderful, your back yard a perfect place for it - hosted by a great hostess! The Maypole is great, as you 'dance' around it...the two blokes seem to be enjoying the events as they carry those green bottles around the venue.

    I like that stylish net that protects the wonderful food, and the desert is great. Your family is lovely, the time togeher the best thing about this special day. Happy Mid-summer!

  9. Ang saya naman ng gathering nyo dyan sistah!

  10. oh Chie you are so fun! Looks like a lovely day to celebrate midsummer :)

  11. Så fina bilder, roligt och fira med så många, det
    syns att ni har roligt. Och vi hade riktig tur med
    vädret iår.

  12. Härliga midsommarbilder med skugga! M.a.o så var det soligt väder !

  13. Well, the photos for your post today is filled with a fun time had by all. But, I especially like you posing before the decorated May Pole!!!!

    Thanks for visiting with me today and taking time to leave a comment!!!

  14. Vilka fina midsommar bilder. Ja vi är glada för midsommar här i Sverige *ler*. Du ser ut att ha haft en trevlig kväll. Ha en fortsatt fin dag.


  15. Oh what a lovely idea and it looks like a wonderful celebration. I loved the photos...You asked what my flower blossom would be.. it will be a purple coneflower....Here is a photo..

    1. Thank you so much for the name... Rambling Woods...

      Hope I can find the flower in Sweden.

      Happy Sunday.

  16. There are some wonderful shadows in these shots, Chie!

    Blue Banderas

  17. Sorry I'm late but haven't had time/connect to blog.
    Thanks for your visit and comment!
    I can see you had a great time. Beautiful people and yummy food...

  18. What a wonderful celebration you all had! The Maypole is very pretty and the food looks so good! Everyone looks like they're having a splendid time. Enjoy your Summer and have a lovely day.


  19. I did not know about the Mid -Summer holiday but it sounds like a very nice day to spend time having lots of fun. Your family certainly looks like they are having a happy time. Thank you very much for participating in my party. I am not doing the party any longer because it takes a lot of my time. I need some extra time to do some other things. I will continue to do Cozy Home Scenes just not the party. Please continue to visit me just as usual and I will stop by your blog also. -----------

  20. I can remember creating a Maypole when I was in elementary school!!! Wow...that really brings back memories! I think I remember a scene in the 1994 version of "Little Women" where they were dancing around a Maypole? I'll have to watch that again to see. This is so cool! I clicked over to the history of Midsummer, and it is really interesting. I'm relieved that you guys didn't build a massive bonfire in your back yard!!! The fire from the grill was enough and represented the bonfire! :-) I see that you had a lot of the traditional foods, too, like the strawberries. Wow...very cool, Chie! You were having a GREAT time...I can tell!!! :-) It still looks as though it's a little cool because you are wearing a jacket in some of the photos. I will gladly trade you! We will reach 100 degrees this week here! :-(

  21. Maybpoles are sooo much fun. We don't see them here in the southwest at all. I'm so glad you brought back so many memories. It looks like you were having a wonderful time. thanks for dropping in.. xo marlis


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