Gardening on My Subtle SSS2

Another week-end, another SSS to come and to join---

As many knows, Europe still striving for a sunny and hot days. The rains still pooping out every now and then and sometimes non-stop. Luckily, today is an OK day. No rain, a bit of sunshine and I captured those subtle shadows. That, for me are good enough to share with you.
This is the scene when I look down the entrance way corner... strawberry...then--- I say,
WELCOME to D´Box on Subtle SSS2 day...
Big kiddo is home and helped us gardening, just finished to pamper the plumb tree
Wild strawberries are growing nicely as well as the flowers around
Mini-lilacs are blooming, entrance of my week-end hide-away, my cubby house...
The olive tree standing waiting to be transfer somewhere...
Black Currant want to join my fun. YAY! Hare ate all my zuccinni plants §;-(
Sugar snaps in the box,rhubard, & herbs on the plot with redberries besides.
Just done my rhubarb lemonade...
Can you see what we are looking for, on the rhubarb syrup/pith?
 Lastly, D´NICs, DINNER, spinach and cheese pie in phillo. Watermelon for dessert


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Thank you for hosting ladies, for our week-end fun.

19 kommentarer:

  1. Love all your beautiful outdoors shadow shots today! Mmmmm...I'll have a piece of that spinach and cheese in phyllo, too - looks delicious!!!

  2. Beautiful pretty girl! I'm loving your outside shots, you are a great photograph, my friend. The phyllo, spinach and cheese pie is making drool, I love, love that pie! I have a Greek-American friend who makes it often and I just adore it!! Thank you for your visit and good wishes sweetie. My daughter and her hubby is arriving tonight from Florida, we're so excited to see them!!
    Lots of hugs,

  3. Beautiful gardens. I love your wonderful mini Lilac tree! Nice to have some extra help once in a while. Dinner looks delicious.

  4. I love your bleeding hearts sistah!

    Shadow Shots post. Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful shadow shots for the day! Such lovely gardens! And dinner does indeed look delicious! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!


  6. Those lilacs gracing the entrance to your hideaway look wonderful! Interesting glimpse into your garden world!

  7. Weekend hideaway, I'd love to have a place like that! Especially this summer because we have balcony renovation going on...
    Finns can be difficult - in Sweden! :)
    We find Swedes to be endless negotiators! :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  8. Så fint du har i din trädgård, trevligt. Visst längtar vi efter mer sol för det är lite sådär. Du får ha en riktigt mysig söndag.


  9. Wonderful shots from garden with lovely garden flowers.

  10. Not fair Chie....I love spinach pie....and there you flash it on the screen in front of me ~ lol!! Love all of your shadows from your garden, from the flowers to the veggies :) yum! I think I spy a chandelier hanging from your tree I right?!! Enjoy your day!

  11. such a lovely garden...and dinner looked yummy!!!!

  12. Your well tended mini-estate is so beautiful! The landscape is full of green, and wild strawberries are a nice surprise. Sorry the rabbits ate your crop - however, the currants will be a tasty treat! Fine eating and your 'Welcome' at the front is heartfelt. Who wouldn't feel welcome at your nice estate?

  13. Beautiful...everything looks so well manicured and such an inviting scene to come upon. Loved your photo shares.

  14. Så fina uppstammade syrener, jättevackert med
    två vid ingången. Och du har så mysig trädgård,
    och jag önskar jag hade så välrensade rabatter också.
    Ha det gott

  15. beautiful photos. Your lilacs, an all of your garden are beautiful xo

  16. What a gorgeous garden and yard! Love the shdows!

  17. A lovely day around the garden, the lilacs are gorgeous! I am going to have to try rhubarb lemoade, my husband loves rhubarb! Thanks for the idea!

  18. Wow-MINI lilacs? I wonder what the 'standard' ones look like! The mini looks huge to me. And, what an incredible garden you have. I am feeling a wee bit envious.


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