A Tired Career Woman on SSS Day...

Indeed, I am...
4th week and the last week of my detoxing and I am done. I hope I am. Tired and happy. Does this two words make sense? Tired= no carbs and happy = reach my goal and HURRAY! I can eat in my normal meals but lesser and more healthier. 64 kgs to 50 kgs, isn't it fantastic. AMEN...

Anyways, my shots for today was taken when we visited Lil Missy in her university flat. Do you think MOTH and me, misses her, §:-)

HERE THEY GO...on the way to Lund

This is the largest Sweden dry dock that stranded in Landskrona: Read here... Amazing
Lil Missy's hallway welcome us... gorgeous!
Her fave painting... MOTH will hang this up on top of her bed
Here it is! Her Clothes line want to join my fun time, too...
Sorrounding, still frosting. The light square on right top is the shadow of her window, see 4th photo
Then we had a grill party...
MOTH prepared a Virgin Mary to the ladies of his life... CHEERS...

Head over to the 3Marias who are our host in this meme...pls press the logo...
HAPPY SSS, good friends on Shadowlandia

21 kommentarer:

  1. Love the idea of Shadowlandia! Good one! Fascinating collection of photos! Your Missy has a delightful little University flat!
    And yes! Our weather has a glimmer of summer one day and then back to rainy chills of Autumn for many days! So weird!

  2. loved your photo tour as always...congrats on the weight loss!! way to go!!!

  3. That college dorm flat looks very much like the ones our kids enjoy at the University of Hartford - the brilliant walls cannot hide the fact that it is SMALL. Nobody goes to college expecting more than a place to sleep...ham around asparagus on a grill - a wonderful and healthy grilled celebration!

    1. Not that small, though, Bro? It's a 40 sqm and spacious room. She have her own bathroom/toilet and that is a must for a young lady, like her. She enjoy and love her flat and that matters. Here in Sweden, uni students choose in which area and if they can afford the rent. Lil Missy's area is inside the campus a 20 minutes walk to school. In the floor she live in they only have 6 rooms while in the lower floors have 16 to 20 rooms and a kitchen with sharing the showers and the toilets. Lil Missy is blessed, in a way. TY you for dropping by.

  4. Congratulations on the weight loss! That's terrific! And a delightful photo tour as always! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


    1. Thank you Maam Slyvia,
      It was and is still a very hard work, losing the extra kgs. I am happy that I rid out of the SUPERFLUOUS kgs after my surgery.

  5. Love your shadow shots and the grilled asparagus looks yummy!! I also love the teacups in your header photo!

    1. Dear Kelly,
      Thanks for liking. They are indeed, beautiful and one of a kind. Unfortunately, they only have 3 different looks. A sunflower, the other flower and the bird.

      I love them too.

  6. Yes, that grilled asparagus is reminding us it is lunch time! Lovely shadows from your daughter's flat ~ what a happy time in her life!

  7. Oh how fun. I am sure you miss her, but how nice to be able to have a small visit. The grill looks sooooooo good. Made me hungry. Hugs, Marty

  8. excellent variety of shadow shots in that selection!

  9. Grattis vad roligt för dig. Är du i Skåneland nära mig? Trevligt! Ha en skön helg.


    1. Om jag bara visste vad du bor, vad rolig ska det va att träffas.

      Vi åker ner igen i sommar och hälsar på henne igen och mina bästa vänner, kanske vi kan höras och träffas.

      Ha en skön kväll, vännen.

  10. Wonderful shots, very nice variety.

  11. I like those pictures, my favorite is the first, also of the shadow on the table.

  12. Wow sistah, boonggacious lagi ang beauty mo dyan hehehe. About your ??? on how to put the links below your header, you have to edit your html (setting, design, html).. Salamat sa bisita.

  13. Grattis, vad du har varit duktig, 14 kg på så
    kort tid är super! Så skönt och lyckas så bra,
    förstår att du är trött men lycklig. Så gott det
    ser ut med sparrisen och parmaskinkan, mysigt och
    grilla hos dottern.
    Ha en fin söndag

  14. Great story and shadows! The wrapped asparagus looks like a good idea!

  15. Such a great variety of shadows!
    Great news on the detox!

  16. felice settimana per Te....ciao

  17. Oh, no carbs sounds very difficult - way to go, you! And I've never seen asparagus wrapped that way, I think I might try it myself :)


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