A Quick Tour on SSS Day...

YUP... too busy this week...

Another busy week come to and end to my city, career and a dance aficionado life. Isn't it fun when things happen? My weeks always full of "uhmm and ahhh" and I am loving it.

Well, isn't it that Spring Time is here? I guess, you have there or there but not here in Sweden/EU in the first place. Arrrgghhh--- rainy, windy and coldy that's it. Luckily enough, yesterday in the morning and some hours after work, sun shone over Stockholm, so I say? 

Waiting for a ride?
Bus was empty but perfect for my meme--- on the way to my dearie friend
Sun even shone on my old hand...
 Ewa, is her name left me for retirement §;-)
My new project came with me home after our Opera concert lunch---
Sun even followed me home...
Daffodils behind our backyard, while the crow bird found it's dinner
Just got home and kitchen shares her share...
Crow bird got a yummy dinner but mine are rotten bananas... charming?

Well, well... I am still got a bit of sun luck this week when we have poor sunny days. So, hope you're all enjoying my my actual and real life/day around and about. Life is beautiful whether sunny or NOT.

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TY a mill 3's Marias for hosting our never ending SSS w/end. Hope players visit everybody to enjoy everyone's contributions. 
Happy Week-end Shadowlandia...
& Happy Mother's Day to all... EU have MD on the 27/5.

13 kommentarer:

  1. Love your sunny pictures :)

  2. Lovely shadow shots for the day, Chie! Such a delightful variety! I really like the first two! I wish we had such colorful buses!! Have a great weekend!


  3. Oh I love that one with your hand sis. Pasensya ka na nga pala at di ako nakareply about your blog thingy. You may email me about it and I will tweak your html code and add your other blog.. Mwah, happy mother's day to you!..

  4. I love that very first shot - it's wonderful!!

  5. Great shadow shots!
    I think the first one is my favorite!

  6. Very much just a bit of sun but cold winds here too - doesn't stop us getting out a bit though.

  7. The sun shines on Sweden - it is all over your daily travels! Your hand does not look old...and the rings lovely. Ewa looks to young to retire :) Your city and home is beautiful, in any season and any weather - but better under the sun!

  8. What a grand collection of shadows representing your journey through the week! I think that you have captured the first "inside bus" shadows I have seen! But especially love the detail of line in your "waiting" shadow in the first photo!

  9. Great shadows captured of your week! Especially love photo number one. :-)

  10. Vi hade tur här igår för det blev en solig dag,
    idag börjar det dra in stora mörka moln.
    Så fint det blommar hos dig, jättevackert och
    plantera så många påskliljor i grupper.
    Ha en fin söndag vännen

  11. well...for a busy week you managed to get quite a few. nice job...hope next week slows down some!

  12. Very nice and different shadow shots.

  13. It might be cold, but the sun gave you some beautiful shadows! I envy your daffodils -- we don't get those Spring flowers here in Florida and I miss them (from when we used to live on the other side of this country). Stay warm -- hang in there, it will soon be summer ;>)


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