Eurovision on My SSS day (night)

Absolutely busy, exterior (gardening) chores
Another w/end has come, another SSS party I join!
It was a great sunny Saturday... I was almost outside the whole day and I was a bit lazy. Funny enough that I didn't even had time with anything in terms of household chores. I let my time go by sowing, cleaning the garden furnitures and having a bit of suntan §;-) Loving It...

By the way, it is Swedish Mother's Day today, so, I had a lazy day. I am one blessed mum with nice and good kids. As a mother, I would give it all for the sake of my kiddos. Anyways, No drama here. I will just enjoy my day and I was already pampered by MOTH and he still pampering me, being lazy and let me chill out the week-end.

So, HANG with me on my sunny Mother's Day...
Sunny Saturday and I started in the living room... Love is In the Air...
As soon I stepped out from the cellar door, this was the scene that met me...
Isn't it amazing? It's so greeny  around! This is the start of my day, JOG & POWER WALK
Walking ahead,I found this interesting,  Does't it looks an "Ahh" face? 
Heading ahead, I found this interesting too...
Trees still struggling to get back their leaves, but I love I captured some...
Unfinished project is waiting for me, so I rushed home to start my gardening... BUT
Who's here? Hare? Suddenly, I saw this gigantus boxes? 
YaY! a new garden lounge, for Mother's Day present from D`Nics, TY a mill guys, Luv It...
I will be preparing some yummy snack tomorrow. Hope you could set and join.

Well, this my day, babbly as always but, honestly, that's a HAPPY me.! 

Well, CONGRATS Sweden for winning the Eurovision Song Contest, tonight live from Baku,Azerbaijan. It was worth watching. I usually don't appreciate the songs lately but this time, I almost love all the contributions.
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Visit the ladies behind this funtime...
Just press the logo and your in to see all the participants.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day! Wonderful shadow shots and such a great variety! I love them -- particularly the rabbit!! Delightful!


  2. Spring has sprung in northern Europe - it is about time! I like the shadow in your living room, the best family theme and feeling - that being LOVE! From your patio to the road, flowers in appreciation of Mother's Day. Of course, the new furniture is nice - and you add even more elegance to the view, Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. O so love these views of your world! Amazing art in the network of tree shadows! Glad Mother's Day was such a winner! You seem so bubbly and happy!

  4. Happy Mother's Day and what a wonderful surprise. Your new garden set looks lovely. I loved your pictures of the shadow of the trees!

  5. You have lots of fun photos for today!! I think my favorite is the bicycler in the park with the trees. But no...I like the bunny, and the LOVE shadow at the top, and...they're all good! Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day.

  6. Can I join the party sistah? Hehe gaganda ng shadows mo dito!

  7. Gomorron
    Vilken jättefin möbel till verandan,
    det var en fin present. Och tänk
    att Loreen vann, vilken tjej, hon gjorde
    ett fantastiskt bra uppträdande.
    Ha en fin mors dag

  8. I love that city "forest" casting all those shadows!

    Empty Horse Corral


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