Sunny SSS Day at D´Box...

*Sorry... post disappered and toke sometimes to recover least, am here and joining the meme---
Isn't is funny when sun, shine?
Yes, it is really a funtime....At last! we had a great sunny Saturday over Stockholm City. Around my neighbourhood, it is always fun when sun is shining. Wherever I look or listen, neighbours are outside mowing their lawns, planting new flowers to welcome the late Spring days, washing garden furnitures while children laughing out loud. Fantastic feelings. At D´Box, we are busy as always with our projects and doing the best of the sunny days. While myself, is over-busied thinking all my "TO-DO" things. Do you think, I coped it all? I somehow, ended in the kitchen and had lust doing the unnecessary cookings (as I say). However, big kiddo, told me "I make the best of the moment, when mum is on the go." *wink

Anyways, our Sunny Saturday...
*My SSS presentation always start at home or my travel and shopping...
So pls bear with me and thank you so much for following me.
Good Morning, My beautiful World... What a sunny morning...
Alone home? Am looking for MOTH (man of the house)
Ooppss... started early... isn't he charming? Project is soon finish...TY Älsking!
HOWEVER, I need some grocery so, I went for ride...
Isn't it perfect name for a library? Midsummer garden?
Heading ahead, PUB, one of Stockholm's fancy store, my heaven...
I got what I need for lunch and dinner... so, head back home
Homemade Filipino dumplings "siopao" with siopao sauce, Yumm...
After  my busy-ness indoor, Outdoor calling Me...
Planter's Corner---OMG I can hear them screaming, "PAMPER US TOO"
Sorry, guys! BrB soon, you are kiddos project after schooling §;-)
Time flies too quick, Dinner is calling Me in...
Honey-dill grilled salmon, my style...
Green mix-salad for a balance dinner and No dessert served tonight...

That's my sunny day, my great pepz in Shadowlandia...hope your day was cool too? 

Dont' forget to head-over to:
3Marias if you want to see all participants worldwide...
TY a mill ladies for hosting. Great job for entertaining...

17 kommentarer:

  1. Love the shadow of the glassed figurine in the first photo! And love the name of the library - Midsummergarden? Sounds very Shakespearean! A great wander through your day!

  2. uh-oh. sorry it disappeared!!!

  3. Well, I'm sure there were lovely shadows there! May the post reappear!

  4. Yes...I hope the post comes back!! I hate missing your shadows!

  5. I'm so glad your shadows are back and that you let me know! These are all wonderful, but I really love your frog prince in the first shot!!

  6. Hi darling, you are just so delightful. Looks like you had a busy productive day. Thanks for taking us a long with you. hugs ~lynne~

  7. Don't you love it when projects get done...and shadows follow?!! You always have the yummiest looking food Chie...and it always makes us hungry :) Do enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  8. Really LOVE that first shot!! I've never had that Filipino dish (my Grandparents were Visayan and immigrated from Cebu). Looks delishcious!

    1. That's so interesting Paula... Wow... small world, right? I am blue Visayan too. A Cebuana. My parents both from Cebu and moved to Mindanao.

      if you visit me or if I visit you, I will make the dumplings for you.
      Thanks for coming along.


  9. Wonderful shots, Iliked the first one very much.

  10. Vilken fin planteringshörna du har, och
    jättefin trappa maken byggt. Fina foton
    från din stadstur och god mat du bjöd på.

  11. Your shodowlandia is like a paradise!
    Not very green thogh - our trees are green already.
    ps. Icehockey is not my piece of cake :)

  12. Härliga bilder och grodprinsen är bara så söt. Jag blir riktigt hungrig när jag ser allt gott på dina bilder *ler*. Idag skiner solen så humöret är på topp. Hoppas allt är bra med er.

    Kramar från Skåne

  13. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  14. How nice that the MOTH is building a new staircase for you! Your home and city are very artistic and stylish, a furniture store named for a library i s very cool! You should be planting soon...dinner? That salmon looks delicious!

  15. How the sunshine makes the day so much more cheerful..lovely selection of shadows...Michelle

  16. Ahhh nakakagutom wahhh. Love all the photos sistah!


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