Winter on Springtime on TTT and TS- Welcome to our new Entrance Hall

They said: April weather is absolutely deceiving...

And that was we HAD experienced last Friday pm and the whole day on Saturday. Well, for us? It is not really unusual. You know why? When I planned a party? Beat me if the weather will join the fun? 90% was not fun at all, as far as I remember. So, that's it! Lil Missy's party became a winter party. We prepared for a BBQ, but if you see our back porch (week-end's photos) if you want to see, pls scroll down, thank you--- "it was not fun". Well...well... but party must go on, right? And we had a great time anyways. And that matters.
Some shots here and there...
I been bragging since awhile about our DIY "Entrance hall". On top is a 23 yr old punch bowl, a wedding present from a dear cousin base in LeMoore, CA
German crystal cut mini apothecary jars...
A new member of D´Box... shabby chic dresser. Inside it is a radiator for floor heater...
Just more views... don't mind the old floorings. That will be change soon... §;-)
This was my centerpiece on the Lil Missy's party...

Supposedly, I want to set outdoor for this Spring spirit (I thought)
But to no avail due to Mother Natures decision... No regrets!
4 different sytles/Cheese forks. I love the thoughts... "I know which is mine..."
Strawberries, apples and tomatoes, my share... am on diet NOT!
Then, I just picked my gadgets? Que sera sera--- but it works, isn't it?
Birdie's in each place, sign of Spring... I guess?

Happy TTT to one and All--- Hope everyone had a great w/end and wishes you All a blessed week to come. Enjoy every minute wherever, whatever we are doing. Be positive thinking and Forgive.

MET by BNOP...
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17 kommentarer:

  1. This is very pretty, no matter whether it is indoors or out!

    I was going to set up mine this week outside, too, we had rain, and lots of it at times. So it will be indoors too. We juts roll with it, don't we?

  2. Well, dear lady, inside your house the beauty of colors and the warmth is eloquent! I love lil'Misses party, it looks like you had fun too. We are getting lots of spring rain around here, sunny mornings and rainy afternoons! We'll just have to go with the weather for any deciding around here too. Thanks for coming "mi dulce amiga",(translate: "my sweet friend") I just love it when you come. I also love to visit you and see all your beautiful things, like your entrance hall, it turned out terrific! Have a blessed week. Love,

  3. Love the green ! Beautiful colors!

  4. Love all your white, it is so pristine and clean looking. Love that lil cabinet that houses your radiator, what a clever idea............very nice.

    Your centerpc. was beautiful, and your table so colorful, I am sure your lil miss and friends enjoyed it very much.

    Have a great week ahead,
    Blessings, nellie

  5. Love your cheese forks, and what a clever ideal, using that white cabinet for your radiator. I agree everything looked so fresh and clean. Very creative center peice. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Very springy and fresh, regardless of the weather outside. I love that colorful jar on the table, Chie. What is it? I bought my chafing dishes from Homegoods in Cape Coral, FL.....Christine

  7. Well, looks like a lovely party! Love the pretty table too.
    I'm so glad you liked my fashion plates. Yes, you could eat off them, and just wash the food side. If you get the back side wet I think the fabric would begin to come off. Good luck if you make some and make sure you post about it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hello, Lovely home! I love your colorful tablescape - so beautiful. So glad you visited that I might return the call and become a follower!
    Have a great week,

  9. I am so sorry the weather did not want to attend your party with rays of sunshine but you had a good time anyway....right? Your table is beautiful and I love your white entrance way with the beautiful colorful chairs. Happy TTT

  10. Hello Dear I came here first time and so happy to see your citrus colour table... All these colours are my fav for kitchen and dining rooms.... so lovely is your center piece...

    Hope you would love to come again @
    With love

  11. So festive... and fun, fun, fun!!!!

  12. I really enjoyed your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. I bet the party was wonderful, even if you had to move it indoors. Very clever idea hiding the radiator in the cabinet! Love all the colors on your table, and also the white decor.

  13. So charming! I love the bright colors. Happy happy!

  14. This is a happy table...perfect for Springtime. Thank you for visiting. Your cabinet is charming.

  15. So lovely!
    Vilken fin påskdukning :)
    Visiting from Tablescape Thursday

    Greetings from Australia♥

  16. Beautiful tablescape! full of color and pretty things like those cute forks! Great entrance, love your use of white! Those floors look ok to me!
    Have a Great Day!

  17. So many pretty vignettes! Your table is just lovely too. Very festive with a sweet centerpiece!


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