Believe it or NOT, we have a second time around winter in Stockholm City and its vicinity. Cool huh? It was really a heavy one for 24hrs nonstop. And as Lil Missy is home this long week-end, we planned for here family party. But... no grill party!!! 

A simple but perfect shot today---
Meet my dear friend Carol from Fort Lauderdale... She is a great one!
Working as flight stewardes on United/Continental Airways. 
LOVELY... done for me Carol. Thank you for everything.
Head over to SSS2...
to see all the international participants.

Here is the view of my open porch today...
Grill was up in the porch due to Lil Missy's bday party... NOT!
Good thing is all the drinks was out to chill up...

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  1. Wel, with thesnow the beer and bubbly will be ready for the party! It is unnatural to see the BBQ grille covered in April. Too late for snow, too early for summer. T\Anyway, the party was fun I am sure!

  2. Great shadow of your friend in the first shot. And, snow in April, quite funny since here we have had 80 degree temperatures. Weather sure can be crazy!
    Happy Sunday!

  3. And just what is the matter with having a birthday party in the snow? :)

    “More Dead Than Alive”

  4. What a disappointment you guys could not fire up the grill! But, I love lil Missy's shadow shot!

  5. Love the Carpe Diem sign (and your friend's happy shadow!).

    A shame you had to move your party inside. looks cold!

  6. yuck to the snow...but love the carpe diem shot!!!

  7. Thanks to Carol for the brilliant shadow shot! Super glad you got the snow and we didn't though...although it did work out nice to chill the drinks for you!!

  8. Love to see Carol's sweet smile...

    Nice shot!

  9. Still snowing there sistah? Your friend' smile is so sweet!

    Shadow Delight is one of my entries. Have a great week ahead!

  10. Beautiful shot shot. I am amazed by the snow.


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