SSS on Lil Missy's 20th Bday on Holy Saturday

What a DAY!

I or WE thought it's SPRING TIME, but NO it is not Spring Time in Sweden, mind you? The Easter weather forecasted "SNOW, COLD, WINDY and might be SUNNY".  Fancy, huh? Good Friday rained and of course snowy. Saturday, sunny and windy. So--- what to do is to put on those winter gears again and out of the blues.

Bits & another Pieces Around and About... 
Another morning starts in our BR... Sunny, indeed...
And --- this is what welcome my Saturday morning *dragging my hair §;-)
GH started early on his on-going project and he is almost done. Flooring done, wallpaper soon UP
GH bought this vintage clock on our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, 5 days ago.
He even started early in the kitchen and served a new bake croissant & latte for his LOTH §;-)
After breakfast? TOWN time... 
Uschhh.... chasing time... what? No snow on the ground here? Awesome...
Swedes are Sun worshippers
This is in the heart of the city, SERGEL TORG. Fountain is still dreary...
Can you see what I see? Letters written on the glass and shadow on the book... Cool..
What a perfect shot, I guess?
Anyways, too cold outside so, went home...
In the mood of baking on  Holy Saturday...
Here is our lunch healthy lunch... with good shadows, don't you think?
Lil Missy of D´Box turns 20 yrs old today. OMG! She is counted as an adult now?
Time goes too quick, absolutely too quick. HAPPY BDAY, Lizah on your day.
You are away from us but, we wil celebrate your day next Saturday when UR home.
LUV yah...

To my co-chasers who know me since from the start of SSS during Tracy's time, I always start my shadow chasing at home and ended at home (sort of...*giggles) and hope you're not bored browsing or reading my posts. Thank you so much to all who keep on following me. I really appreciate and keep me going,

Happy Chasing on Holy Saturday, my dear good pepz...
God Bless Us All...
Linking this when our Meme Ladies post week-end's SSS2.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Fina bilder du visar och jag håller med: vädret är inte som det borde. Du får ha en riktigt trevlig påsk.


  2. We Finns worship sun too!!! :)
    Give my greetings to your daugther - happy birthday!
    Spring - what's that??!? :)

  3. A very good collection of Shadow Shots today. I especially like the book with the letters shadowing it. Neat shot!!

    Happy Birthday to your Lizah. Such a pretty young lady she is!

    Happy Easter to you.

  4. Love your collection of photos and shadows today! Your breakfast plate sure is inviting. ;) Great shot of the shadowy letters falling on the book in the display case.

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful 20-year-old - a teenager no longer. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your day.
    Your bed looks too comfy to get out of!

  6. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter...she is lovely. thanks for the series of pictures...they are always delightful!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! (belated!) and a very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter Chie!! Enjoyed all of your gorgeous shadows.....have a great day!

  8. Great post, Chie, but cold, brrrrr! Happy birthday to your daughter. She is beautiful, just like her mom!...Christine

  9. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! She looks like a beautiful Oriental Princess. Lovely. How cold that is, so when is spring showing up at your neck o da woods? Happy Anniversary too...somewhat belated, though and I'm loving the clock you bought and love how you keep it under glass also. Thanks for coming sweet Chie and for the lovely comments you always leave me.
    Have a blessed weel. Hugs,

  10. Ganda ng posing, manang mana sa Mommy! Happy birthday Little Miss!

    Your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is greatly appreciated!
    One of my shadow posts, your comment makes me happy.


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