Chaos @ D´Box!!!

Where are those off days go?

Absolutely, quick... too quick to cope up all the chores. Good Friday, it is our tradition that no chores done this day. 3pm to 5pm was church then dinner at my cousin's. On Saturday? Hmmmm... went for a quick shopping and dinner at a friend's house. Early Sunday is a brunch/mingle with friends b4 the Easter Mass, then shopping and lunch. Voilá... Week-end was "finito"!!!
Monday (today), we were a bit busy. I was planning for the party of our Lil Missy and MOTH was also busy with his soon finish project (minus the closest, though).

Anyhow, here is the view of D´Box...
Pls don't mind the mess. This gadgets will be use on Saturday for Lil Missy's party...
On the top of our serving table 
Easter gadgets are waiting to be keep in their places... Sowee, my fweens!!!
MOTH is absolutely BUSY on his (somehow) project
MOTH (man of the house) was exhausted but CONTENTED...

There are still small details that are to be fix but that will be done b4 Saturday, hopefully. He is worth seating in that corner till the closet arrive. But, that's another story, isn't it? He gave me a like "If looks could kill?" thing? *LöL This is all for now, dear pepz... Hope you don't mind the mess---to see you around in mid-week or so... Hope you enjoyed your extra long week-end, as I had mind.

I will join with Lady Marty's TTT & BNOP

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  1. Oh Chie, you have my address, so please send me some of those gorgeous have to many to handle!!! Your hubby did a great job, he does deserve to sit in those pretty purple chairs and maybe even with a glass of wine, to thank him for all his great job!! Have a fun week dear friend.

  2. Wow! What a pretty door and entry. Just lovely. And I adore your cake plates. Gorgeous!

  3. Ser att du haft en bra påsk, och målat
    har ni gjort så fint också. Jättesöta
    harar, en söt samling.
    Ha en bra vecka
    Varm kram

  4. Love the changes and love your bunnies, Chie!...Christine

  5. So in love with those bunnies.. Your changes are beautiful. Thank you for your kind words about my Easter Dinner.. I wish you the warm weather from Tennessee. Thank you for visiting me.


  6. The bunnies are such treasures. I adore the eggcup bunnies. They would be such fun to use. MOTH did a beautiful job on the project. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  7. Hi sweet friend! I see you had a great weekend, here's another again! Thanks for the lovely and fun visit. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I love the whole new seating area, you've done a gorgeous job!
    Love all your Easter lovelies!


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