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I am just trying to be one of a kind... am I?

Well, what I am trying to say is that, I almost gave up my chasing time. The weather is deceiving. A minute, sunshine the other cloudy, rainy and at the end snowy. Isn't it funny? I am not really complaining about it. Only thing is am complaining is my shadows. It's typical when I don't bring my cam, sun shine on it's max and when I have it in hand, either it rains or snow §;-)

Luckily enough, I learnt how to take a "good enough" photos with my Samsung Z11. It is not really that complicated but I confess, I am not good in this. 

Tell me, OK---LoL*
 Chasing time starts inside D´BOX, Good morning...
This handmade dolls is my & daughter's replica as a "Dances". We both love dancing
 Planter stand that I made as my 3 tier cake stand share her lovely form
When I passed through my unprepared mantle, I found this gorgeous piece. LUV it!
On my kitchen counter this morning... Hmmm... party? Nope! Honestly, this was from Lil Missy's party
Beside my sink, fresh sage say "hi"... good for cleansing our body...
Dust from winter is now wash off, ready for Spring furnishing...
Here I am, on the way out chasing, but I guess, I have enough contribution today, so, will share next time...

Yes, it was good I woke up in the right side of the bed this morning coz I wasn't sure the sun will smile and shine on me today. Remember, I said, "I give Up"  chasing, luckily I didn't coz, as you can see, shine shone on me this morning. Sometimes, luck is just around the corner, right? Waaahhh... it sounds I am desperately in need of a sunny summer weather.

Anyways, hope you all have/had a great week-end. ENJOY and keep chasing and share the fun. HAPPY & HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY, my dear pepz...

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  1. Fina bilder och visst är det roligt att fotografera *ler*. Här i Skåne är också konstigt väder, det regnar och solen skiner om vart annat. Jag håller på i trädgården och oj vad ont man får. Hoppas allt är bra med dig?


  2. Beautiful touches of light highlighting the shadows! Especially love the art of shadows round the planter and the bottles!

  3. You found some great shadows!! I love the shadows from the crystals dangling from the lamp.

  4. The dancers look like angels, winging their way into my heart...

    Seeking Clarity—and Shadows

  5. You found wonderful shadows. Such a soft light coming in on the first photo.

  6. Even in Scandinavia, sun exists. In fact, compared to our latitude in New England, you get an extra 1 to 1.5 hours more daylight in the summer than we do. So, imagine your porch all cleaned up and a warm party day - the Mexican beer can get the party started! I don't chase shadows, they find me! Shadows are no work at all, they actually chase YOU!

  7. You've got so many beautiful shadows all the time sisterette.

    Thank you for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2!
    My Shadows. Have a safe and happy weekend!

  8. Pretty porch Tita!

    Hope you'd come by and see my Shadows. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. It's still cold out here too. Beautiful shadow shot.

    My Shadow

  10. April blev en riktigt kall och solfattig månad,
    men du fick dina soliga skuggbilder till slut.
    Bilden på dom dansande dockorna är jättevacker.
    Och tack underbara Chie för din fina grattishälsning.
    Varm kram

  11. Wonderful shadow formations.

  12. wonderful of you to take us along on your shadow tour!!!


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