St. Paddy's Contribution on my SSS Day

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Late as usual...

I don't know what I am thinking, these passed few days? Life is full of surprises, you know? Unexpected, expected and all the why's and the what's? But, hopefully, tomorrow, next day and the next... I will be fit for fight again. And I know,  I will reach the other end of the rainbow. And you know what I mean of that.

With regards of St. Patrick's Day, Sweden don't really mind celebrating this day. I been thinking of what and how I honor him. Living in this country for almost half of my life, I did not see a bit or a thing that symbolizes St. Paddy. So, I don't know a clue. Otherwise, I am creating "My Style--- beyond all the must" . Hope you don't mind, my creation.  I am just glad the way what I achieved "against all odds" LoL* The nearest I can, to contribute to Sir Paddy...

You can see who is the winner of my winter give-away too... Scrool down at the end, tnx...

SO HERE IS... D´Box modification
Where MOTH (man of the house) is be?
First time setting outdoor this year, sunny day but windy. I still feel something missing.
This is the centerpiece,  an old treasure. 
Then, things fall into places where they belong.
Glass w/ foot, Mio. I use either sallad, ice cream etc
Charger are a buri palm, dishes Höganäs 
Organza food covers and must be coherent with the rest of the blings...
Gotcha! I know something was missing in the first place.
Therefore, I elevated the centerpiece, uses 2 books. Looks better--- Perfect!
I added some blings in my centerpiece knowing I have this goodie bowls...
My style, the LOTH (lady of the house) §;-) My turf, I would say
Did you notice I set for 4? I don't know if kiddos are around the block.
Either they want to mingle Mamido and Papido.
Misses them so much... 
 Don't you think that the King & Prince are adorable?
Both are my sunshine...

Oh la la---? At least I have some dash of green white, anyways? Aren't I? Yeah! windy and chilly. Sorry to bring you outside. Hope you enjoy your time with me, in a way. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day...
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30 kommentarer:

  1. Du har helt rätt vi firar inte dagen i Sverige. Vilken ljuvlig dukning i så vackert grönt och vitt.


  2. Vad fint!

    Idag skiner solen här i sydöstra Queensland. Jag är trött på allt regn... Sommaren är ju känd att ha mycket regn och åskoväder, men i år tycker jag att det varit alltför mycket :) Ha en trivsam helg :)

    Kram från Australien♥

  3. Hej Chie
    Ser att våren kommit till Stockholm, så härligt och duka ute. Just grönt och vitt blir så vårfint, och så den ståtliga grodkungen som övervakar allt, mysigt.
    Ha en toppenhelg vännen

  4. Hi, Chie! I love how you included the frogs!!! Very fun! Those organza food covers are really pretty, too. I don't think I've ever seen any like that. Very nice! Have a wonderful St. Patrick's weekend, and thank you for stopping by my blog last night. Take care!!!!

  5. What a lovely tablescape.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Hi
    Thanks for visiting My Cozy Corner.
    I love your blog. Your green tablescape is fabulous. I'm adding your blog to my sidebar.

  7. I love the King and Prince presiding over your pretty table! Those little black floral bowls are adorable...are they mini tureens?
    Have a great weekend, Chie!

  8. I love your table and can't wait to set some tables outside too! Nextweek we are to be in the 70's so OUT I will go:):) XO, Pinky

  9. This is so pretty. I didn't use anything "st. Patricks" on my table either. just a green shamrock plant. I love the pretty planter, and the wonderful green glasses. It's just perfect for outside and perfect for spring.. xo marlis

  10. You've used some wonderful elements here. The green compotes are gorgeous, and I adore the food covers and black (Lacquer?) (Rice bowls?) bowls added to the centerpiece. You're correct...elevating it was the perfect choice. Glad to know that your weather is warming up at least enough to set your table outside. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  11. Oh your dashes of green are such fun. Love the froggy royalty.

  12. Oh, I'm feeling the day so I just love all your decorations here!! St. Patrick's Day is a favorite of mine. :)

  13. Lovely compositions.

    Regards and best wishes

  14. Your green tablescape is fabulous Chie, and I'm loving the green sherbets, I wanted the same ones I saw here and when I went they were sold out! Did my friend helped you with your blog Chie, did you get in touch with her? Believe me she will help you. Your weather sounds like it getting sunnier and warmer. Lovely Chie. Happy St. Patrick's from Ecuador too. XOXO

  15. My dear sorry I have been slow to are always in my thoughts..You did a beautiful job with St. Patrick's Day..just beautiful..
    Take care and stay in touch..sending love and blessings from Maine..

  16. Make sure to invite us sometime! I like the various shades of green, the perfect color for 17 March! The frogs must be Irish today...I notice you have the food covering in a green mesh - hopefully the pesky bugs will stay away until summer!

  17. What a lovley springlike tablesetting! Nice and green and I love that little black bowl with flowers. The peacoc-feather I got on a invitationcard for a shopopening sevral years ago and I dont know where to by them but have you checked at Panduro? XO Katta

  18. Beautiful tablescape!
    I love the frogs.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Excellent photos, that funny, a nice table pa ra the feast of St. Patrick, I love the crystal goblet. Greetings.

  20. Here you've got all Irish green!

  21. What a creative way to celebrate St Patrick's Day! Adore your bling treasures so beautifully arranged! There are pockets of St Pat's celebrations here in Melbourne - esp near an Irish pub - but closer to my world on the peninsula I have seen and heard close to nothing!
    Going by your recent comment on my blog you travel a great deal! I so wish I could, but I have my dreams! You will love Melbourne summer if you visit here at Christmas - warm but not too warm - usually. Great coffee scene + art! My world is more beach and vineyards and orchards and seaside towns. I am south of Melbourne.

  22. Beautiful shots. I love shadow and green theme. Makes me want to sit with a cup of tea.

  23. Can't wait to sit outside! Today it's sunny but not very warm...
    If you're coming to Helsinki please let me know as early as know how busy and short summer is! :)
    I know already that weekend 27 I'm not free.
    It would be fun to be your guide! :)

  24. Lovely green colour scheme in these photos!

  25. Love all that green pretty sis! Ingat lagi!

  26. Hello Chie,

    I love your St. Patrick's honoring table setting. Very lovely. Hope that you felt you were able to honor the Saint and your father this weekend.
    Thank you so much for your comments, they mean a lot.

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    Here are some images depending on your choice of color of the blog to make it known to the directory of your friends


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