D´Box Kitchen on TS Day...

So, how's everybody's week been?  

I know, we all are happy for the better weather, right? Blood vessels are going active again, when we see the sun shining. Funny but true. Stockholm weather forecast for today, is sunny with a temp of +9 degree. Wheeewww.. at last!

Well, I am not sure what to share to you today. I received emails, asking how I cope up living in Sweden as an Asian wife? Having, as you know, most of my bloggie friends/readers and followers are from the US, Canada, Australia, Sth America and Asia.  I also have Swedes, of course. Well, honestly speaking, as an Asian married to a Swede, actually, is not complicated, as many thought. We both have and had compromises on what I like and what GH (great hubby) like. I stated several times, that in this house, we have "comprises". I'm not alone living in D´Box (as I called our home). I want everyone share what they want. So, that's it! He is minimalist and I am more into que sera sera, whilst Lil Missy is more into contemporary. Isn't it amazing? Mix styles and  likes? Absolutely, crazy!

Secondly, emails and comments requesting if I can show some of the house's area.  My readers love to see my laundry room. I showed once, awhile ago but that was just a quick peak. I posted that for another meme I was joining. Then, my kitchen. 

Thirdly, many of my readers, once again, wonder why I called my house D´Box? The reason is: this house is actually a petité house, however many see this as charming and more than a "Box". Thank you for that compliments.

So, I toke some photos on our kitchen...
"P.S. sorry for bad quality of pix"
This is part of the kitchen counter. I am just loving the Italian tiles...
Just a closer look.. 
Left side corner... called "Brekky Corner" where you can find cereals & honey
Right side... beside the stove
Lil sink but enough for the 2 of Us... disinfection is a must in our kitchen...
Kitchen cabinets, mostly well-stuffed with all my kitchen blings §;-)
Here is our stove beside is where my oven is...
Oil and soy sauce bottle rack
This is where you find all the spices. Over the stove cabinet.

Everything absolutely works, when everybody gives each other "COMPROMISES".
Share and understanding is another word, so Lives works in a smoother way.

HOPE your enjoying the sunny Mid-week, beautiful pepz!
Don't forget to head over to BNOP and enjoy browsing her players...
GB us all...

18 kommentarer:

  1. Fint kök du har och visst jag tror alla får kompromissa *ler*. Hoppas allt är bra i Stockholm. Här nere i Skåne är det mulet !!! och de lovade sol hmmmm.


  2. Go´morron söta Elna,

    Man måste kompromissa, visst! Annars funkar inte livet som familj.

    Vi har verkligen en skön och solig dag. Nu måste gå ut och kolla i trädgården vad som krävs att göra senare §;-)


  3. Jag tror att ditt hus är större än en box, hihi men det är ett roligt namn. Så fint kakel du har i köket, hela köket ser så fräscht och fint ut. Jag har precis varit ute och fotat, här är kallt i luften, men man känner att det är vår. Ha en fin helg
    Solig kram

  4. Thanks for visiting Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop! I'm so excited to be co-hosting this week! Great photos & I love that you call your home the box! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your kitchen. I love your tile as well. Great kitchen!


  7. Mysigt kök du har!

    ... vi har haft regnigt i ett par dagar nu så jag hoppas på sol!

    Tittar in från Between Naps on The Porch :)

    Kram från Australien♥

  8. Thanks for sharing your kitchen. Your tile is lovely and enjoying your family is the most important thing no matter the size of your "box". Also thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind message.

  9. I always kind of figured you called your house "D'Box" because of its size. It doesn't really seem all that small when I look at it in photos, though. I don't know what you consider small. I think our house is small at 3200 square feet, but some people see that as being a lot of space. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. I agree with Judy who commented that it's all about love & family and what you do with the space you have. I LOVE all the cabinet space in your kitchen!!!!!!!! That just makes so much sense to stack the cabinets like that and get the most storage possible. I can't stand wasted space! Your tile is beautiful! It's always so cool to know I'm "talking" to you in a world so different from the one in which I live. I have never been to any country across the ocean. I see or hear about Stockholm in movies, but I have no concept of what it's really about except through your eyes. I'm always glad to read your posts and see the world in which you live. It's kind of funny that you're excited about it being +9 degrees. We would be all wrapped up and still scared to go out for fear we'd freeze in our tracks! That is COLD!!! But I suppose if the temps have been sub-zero with no sunshine, +9 WITH sunshine feels like heaven! Have a great weekend, Chie!

  10. Sound like you all have established a United Nations that actually works well...new concept. Your kitchen is glovely, and the tiles are gorgeous. Glad that it's warming up for your. Cherry Kay

  11. What a lovely "box" and I love your kitchen... The tiles are fabulous! Thank you, also, for visiting my blog today! God bless!

  12. D'Box has a charming kitchen! I love all the white, and your spice organization is wonderful to me.

  13. Love your kitchen.. want to come organize mine? I love thos italian tiles. So very pretty in the backsplash. thanks for sharing.. xo marlis

  14. Hi lovely lady.
    Your kitchen is Beautiful love the white cabinets.Your Backsplash tile is Gorgeous!! you have a Great kitchen! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Easter Tablescape. Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.
    XXOO Diane

  15. Hejsan
    Jag titta ju in hos dig för någon månad sedan, jag är verklig dålig på att titta in hos alla, men det värde så himla mycket av din kommentar nu =) Du är en underbart go människa. Kram från jämtland

    1. Så glad att du tittar tbax. Jag brukar kika in hos dig i mellanåt. Man saknar dem som är verkligen en goding vän i bloggvärlden.

      Hoppas du har en underbar kväll och helg.


  16. I think you have a lovely kitchen! I love the pretty tiles! You have much more storage and counters than I have, but if you don't count our pets (5 of them) then we are a family of 2. Very cozy when we are both cooking at the same time! I like your breakfast station, and your spices are very organized! Thank you for sharing another glimpse into your "box"!

  17. You have a beautiful kitchen, Chie! I love the backsplash, those tile are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your home with us.


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