Poor post of my clochés...Announcement of My Giveaway...

I didn't REALIZED!

Absolutely forgotten that today is the day of Cloché Party. I rushed down and look for my clochés and sadly, as I am unprepared, the outcome is not the best.

However, I still love to join the fun of Lady Marty, the lady of TTT meme of course. 

Pls don't mind the poor presentation:
This cloché stands in the basement on top of Jim Collin's book.
GOOD TO GREAT...am not sure if mind is even good? §;-)
I can see that mine is almost a copycat of one of  Lady Marty's  treasure
The largest I have... stand the the 4 yr old cactus & still growing
Is she qualified to join the cloché? My new purchased hurrican jar. The lid looks like a cloché though?
3rd smallest cloché  at D´Box
2nd smallest and so fun to play with them
... either this?
...Or like this? the foot can be a candle holders too
...or either way! I love them as my treasures...by Lisbeth Dahl

Well, this is what I have for today's post and joining Lady Marty's party. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a blessed week ahead.

Head-Over to:
by pressing the logo to see all her player's.

I will announce the winner of the cup & spoon necklace on Saturday
So stay TUNE...

17 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Chie, you are such a dear friend, I love your cloches and you are always so sweet to join the parties. Your cloches are fabulous. Love the crown, it is fantastic. How fun is it that we have something similar, however your crown is absolutely stunning. Wow. The cactus is still growing, how about that, you have a green thumb. The tiny cloches are so versatile, I love them and all the ways you can use them. Thanks again for being such a sweet friend and for all the effort you always put into everything. Hugs, Marty

  2. Fina bilder på allt ditt glas. Det går säkert jättebra hos Marty. Du får ha en skön kväll.


  3. You've got some great cloches! I love the little ones. I think I find it easier to put together a smaller cloche display than I do a larger one.

  4. Oh, my, everything is so pretty! Love all of your cloches and how you've dressed them.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. Så många fina glaskupor, och så söt den lilla kungakronan är som ligger i en kupa. Spännande med din nya matblogg också, nya recept är alltid välkommet.

  6. Very pretty for last minute.

    I love the one with the crown in it the best.. but they are all wonderful.


  7. Wow! They all are lovely Thanks for sharing Come and follow me back Joann

  8. You came up with good ideas! It's amazing how many ideas we can use the cloches for! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Hi! Your cloches are so cleverly displayed! I love the little flowers and the bouncy balls (I think that's what they are!) and the beautiful crown. Linda

  10. For someone who put things together quickly, you certainly did a fantastic job..they are all so beautiful..I love the one with the crown and your vignettes!

  11. everything here is just really amazing! you captured it well. thanks for visiting my entry. :)

  12. TY so much, ladies for coming and join the fun of Lady Marty's cloché party.


  13. I love your cloches! Just beautiful!

  14. You created a wonderful rendition of Marty's crown cloche! If you found a battery operated candle, you could use it while still under glass! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. :-) Sue
    Did you know that you have word verification enabled? I posted about this last week if you'd like to see how to remove it.

  15. Got your e-mail- Did you read my post? If you are using the new blogger interface, I cannot help you. The word verification is there by default. However..... if you go back to the old interface, you can follow my directions. Let me know if you do it! Oh, and I can't even e-mail you back because you are a no reply blogger. Read both posts and they will help you. :-) Sue

  16. Hi Chie,
    So long since we've visited. I see that you are still doing a fantasic job keeping your blog beautiful. Your cloches are great. I love your little copycat one of Marty's.
    Big hugs to you!
    p.s. You are also invited to our linky party, we'd love to have you.

  17. All your cloches are lovely! That crown is fabulous! Love them over plants! Thanks for visiting@


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