Valentine's @ D´Box on our almost 3 decades TOGETHERNESS...

Days & years flies TOO fast... 

Yes, if you ask me. I feel it's just awhile I met GH. OMG... almost 3 decades today? Unbelievable ♥ Isn't it true when you have an enjoyable time together,  things and life is easier? That's how I feel, anyway?

So, I set a love setting for 4. It is an impulse setting for 4. I am just thinking, kiddos might come over for dinner §:-) and greet us "Happy Anniversary, Ma & Pa?" Gosh... missing the kiddos around.

Here is some red & white scheme on Heart Day...

Can you see my crocheted tablecloth? I didn't realize until now that this is perfect on my theme
Heart dinnerplates...
Heart sallad bowl

Red glass bowl for dessert
Russian crystal glasses stands perfectly that I am loving intensely
Orrefors crystal glasses and cotton napkins with a love napkin rings...

I use this small bowls for S&P and red for some fruit jams
I decided to use my vintage silver flatwares, unshine, symbolizes  eterinity
Crystal bowls for some sweets...
Glass cloché lays perfectly on my Matteus caketand...
Pitcher is a perfect one and milk & sugar shakers Vilroy Bosh

More unusual finds from American Store... Dragonflies fits in the theme...

Venuus is the goddes of LOVE
Michael Angelo is the King of Hears

MENU: Potatoe Ragu alá Rich, Chicken in curry lime w/ bacon dash & vanilla pie cottage cheese

My centerpiece b4 I put  the floating candles. 2 pcs pillow cases rolled & formed a HearT 

Pretty and cozy... 

 Main dish... simple but palatable dish. Worth to try?

Upper looks...

Vanilla pie & topped with cottage cheese...

This is my and GH table during our anniversary (the first time we met). We're both enjoying the long years we been together, "against all Odds". It is amazing that we could keep our relation this many years. Two different people from two different worlds and still--- it works. I am so romantic and he is not. He is minimalist I am a que sera sera thing §;-)  but still --- it works? That's what I called passion...


10 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful dinner! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  2. Vilket rött vackert inlägg, och så dina gulliga hjärtan som faller ner från skyn.
    En stor ♥kram till dig idag

  3. How gorgeous, sweet Chie. Your table for Valentine's is so stunning and chick! I love your crochet table topper, all the heart plates are so sweet and pretty. The stand with the cloche is fabulous, you did an amazing table for love day. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!

  4. You have set a lovely table. Love the Russian glass. It's perfect for a romantic meal.

  5. Opposites attract that is why it works,Chie. So happy for both of you. Your table spells Romance all over, so pretty. The menu sounds delicious...Christine

  6. How romantic your table setting is! I hope your day was as beautiful as this room :) I really enjoy your blog.

    Blessings, Dana
    Northwest Texas

  7. A beautiful love story and a beautiful table. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. What a beautiful place setting. You have so many pretty layers of read and white. I especially like those serving bowls with the loop handles. I hope you enjoyed your romantic dinner ;).

  9. Your dinner looks yummy...share the chicken recipe, please.
    Your table is beautiful. You always have such lovely glassware.

  10. What lovely hearts I really like the beads off the candles .I have never seen any like them here in the USA.My granddaughter is going to Sweden in march I hope it is warmer then . She is in Spain now going to school .She is going to see a exchange student that lived with her in high school from Stockhom


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