Sunny White Sunday on my SSS...

I am joining today!

YES! although it is a day late or is it? I have some interesting shots from my winterland. 
As usual, I always start my SS chase interiorly...
And always peeped outside--- OMG! still white?
Xmas tree still hanging on the gazebo & catches a cool shot
On the way down and I am heading for some catch today...
WoW!!! am happy kiddos are out for a cool day
Guess, they're heading in this playground, charming!
Opps! I violated the traffic rule, shall I care? I did a great shot, anyways? 
This is the reason I run across the street. Isn't it magical?
I ended up wandering in a busy street... Drowning!
While am heading home inside the bus... can't help taking more pix! 

Well, this is a great  day for an SS chaser. Sunny day. It doesn't matter if it is cold. I just did put on the right gears to keep me from coldness. I still am not fit for fight but it can't kill me having fresh air, huh? 

GH is still in bed when I left. He is recovering with his colds too §:-( but we can't do anything with this winter sickness. Hope soon, we all get well.

HAPPY SSS my fellow chasers!!!


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13 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, how could you not participate, when you've got so many lovely shadows all around! It's all I can do to find one each week :)
    Those are all lovely shots - enjoy your white views while you can! Have a great week!

  2. Skönt att du mår bättre, turen till stan piggar säkert upp. Fina bilder du tog, så vackert med rimfrosten i träden. Och en jättefin ny header har du också.
    Krya på er och kramar

  3. love your magical tree shot...boy does it look cold!!!

  4. Violating the rules always get's great shots like these--Now I'm gonna call the shadow police!

    Have a great week ahead!


  5. what a wonderful view you have from your home! great pics :)

  6. Oh Chie, look at your winter wonderland! It is the opposite down here.. with extreme heat and humidity. Lovely to hear from you. We have a big day of moving house today. I am up early to make my boys school lunches. Hope you are well. A-M xx PS I love the little falling hearts on your blog!

  7. Beautiful snow shadows. Thanks for visiting.

  8. The snow is a pure white, having just fallen recently. So the photo artist has to find shadows in that perfect blending of sun and shadow, inside and out. There may be a bit of danger in crossing the street, but the shadow is calling so it is captured - you were safe, no traffic around to interfere with your quest. Stockholm and your estate look so lovely in winter!

  9. So many wonderful snow photos!! I love seeing little (or big) footprints in the snow - especially across a smooth new layer.

  10. Gorgeous but nilalalmig ako while looking at your photos, it's the same way here.! Thanks for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Muffin's Shadow

  11. The snow is so pretty to LOOK at...but I am glad I don't have to drive in it anymore!

  12. Those are beautiful shadows. I love the winter scene too. That is one thing that I haven't experience yet. Hope one day. thank you for the visit.

  13. Your winter pictures are terrific. The tree shot is wonderful!


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