Bits N Pieces on my Saturday SS Day...

I started feeling better...
YES! I feel much better compare the last post (last week-end), however, GH (great hubby) is still striving to rid out of that "darn" flu. It strike harder this year. But his on the way to get better, though. He can't just take relax and take it easy. A day without hammering make him soooo restless. 

Anyways, how's everybody, where You are? Weather, family, pets, kiddos, daily lives and etc...etc...? Hope you are all in the best of everything, wherever and whatever you're all doing. Enjoying the week-end, family and friends bonding.

NOW... let see what I'd got on d way to work!!!
Taken yesterday, on my way to work... One of Stockholm's ghetto...
Hub's clock catches my lens, gotcha!
He he... that's my office building, still snow on the ground
And yet sunny! Thanks good Lord, my cam is handy---
A double height §;-) and a double stairs. What a perfect combo!
This is the left wing of the building,  IT developers turf
Here's our reception/entrance. What a sunny Friday...

It was a great day yesterday. A kinda quite at work and of course, casual and a pre-week-end. What can I ask for more? A happy day and looking forward to a great and blessed week-end.

MY SATURDAY...home and about---
I always start in our BR and LOOK! it's a sunny morning!
When I open the blinds, the sun shone on me and see the lace curtain?
Then, when I open our door, voilá! Another beautiful sunshine met me...
Ha! On my kitchen counter, healthy corner...
I absolutely loving this corner. This is always ready for my breakfast
It was a nice Saturday, sun shining but raining, so I ask GH nicely, if he can drive me for shopping...
OMG! look around? Everything's dead... Blue skies, though!
It was a wonderful shopping. GH was happy with his nice finds
And I am the happiest girl in Stockholm! I found my long awaiting thing, I think I can't find!
I will show you, next time. I am so much contented with my day, rather than sitting at home
Before we headed home, we dropped by gas station to have our cash wash.
It is so dirty. Sand, salt, snow (SSS too) make cars more rusty.
Lioness WELCOME us HOME... 
Don't mind the dusty door... project still going on... show you the progress, soon...
I went to the back porch and our Xmas tree still hanging pretty.
Snow--- still on the backyard but compare last week, you can't see the floorings.
SEE? what a sunny! It was short but seeing sun shine, makes us happier.
I hope you're enjoying my week-end. It seems you're adventuring the city of Stockholm, in a way. Although, it's still so dreary. I promise soonest, it will be beautiful. Stockholm and it's vicinity, is absolutely, pretty during Spring and Summer. Hopefully, I could show you more, 

HAPPY SSS to All Chaser's...
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17 kommentarer:

  1. Amazing collection of indoor and outdoor shadows! So love all the shadow patterns in your office entrance!

  2. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. So many wonderful shadows in your post today!! I like your kitchen corner. :)

  4. Amazing collection of shadow shots indeed! A wonderful look at your world of shadows! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!


  5. Beautiful shadows dear Chie. I love Stokholm, it looks wonderful in white. Your office photos are great... actually all of them! Enjoy your weekend and hugs,

  6. Brrrrr ang lamig! We had a bit of flurries today but not much. Have a great weekend sis. Oh one more thing, sana you would consider na tanggalin yung word verification dito sa comment section mo hehehe..

    Thanks for contributing art to shadow shots!

    Coo Coo Clock Shadow

  7. Such beautiful shadow pictures!! I also have to say that I just LOVE your pretty white stairs!

    Thank You so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment.

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
    Also, glad you are feeling better :)


  8. Your walk to work on a sunny day included plenty of shadows. both looking up and looking down...your home inside has warmer winter shadows. GH was nice to drive you shopping, a man of chivalry!

  9. Det var roligt med en rundtur i Stockholm, ser att ni har mycket mer snö, här är nästan allt borta nu. Ska bli spännande och se vad du hittade som du letat efter länge. Ser att vi har samma lejon som dörr-klapp också.
    Hoppas solen lyser på dig idag och du mår ännu bättre.
    Varm kram

  10. Härliga bilder från Stockholm. Trappan ser så mysig ut med den lilla solglimten. Du får ha en skön söndag.


  11. we can always count on you to take us on a shadow tour. glad you are feeling better!!

  12. Oooo, you're a practical lady - saving your xmas tree for the next xmas! :)
    You have nice shadows at your home. I might hunt them for the next Sunday, if it shines we had a beautiful, sunny day.
    Have a good week ahead!

  13. Wonderful variety of shots.

  14. Oh how we love visiting with you :)
    Glad you are feeling better ~ we are both getting over colds and are feeling much better! Loved all of your shadows ~ love that clock ~ what fun! Enjoy the week ahead Chie!
    Karla & Karrie

  15. What a lot of shadows in your house and outside, great when the sun is shining.

  16. Many wonderful shadows. Have a nice day!

  17. Tittar in för att önska dig en trevlig helg!


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