2 tone*** Dinner for 2***


That's what I feel now when everything's in place in the new home of our daughter where she will be nesting this 8 years to come until she reach her goal. Master's & Doctor's degree. I keep my fingers X and pray for her success in life. Hope you share your prayers too. 

With my & my GH (great hubby) colds, we both are exhausted but we're both happy to help. Kiddos are seeking their own lives now. As parents, we only listen and support them everything they needed, with our open arms.

So, I went to work today after a week break and absolutely not funny, to think, how I feel. As saying says "the show must go on". Busy as usual and the self appraisal went smoothly for the very first time in this department and the big "boss" came to me to have his practice and it is a kind of cool thing. I never felt conscious as I know, how my tasks are, and I know where I stand for. So, seriously, I don't bothered at all. For me, it was an honor. TY a bunch, for choosing my capabilities and my knowledge, that I built these many years in the branch. "THAT WAS MY DAY..." at work.

I am not fit for fight so, I skipped my dance lesson tonight. Although, I am dying to just go and watch my dance fellas but," naahhh... will see next time", I thought §;-( I came home early and it was unusual during Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays, LoL* GH prepared dinner for us and I can't resist not to just grab the lil tiny things I have, having a cozy time together. Isn't it lovely? Nothing special here honestly! He knows I love surprises and that doesn't matter if its a simple as I am. Loving it.


Simple centerpiece
Italian wine glass purchased in Sorrento, Italy

Another simple table napkins with my unforgotten napkin rings §;-)

GH, Kosta Boda drinking glass

My glass, of course
Typhoon sushi dishware from "Typhoon"
Hmmm.... a surprise.. will show you next time
He knows where touch me weakness, huh?

My japanese chopsticks & loving them...
Just showing the charger from ILVA, dansih porcelain
Time to lit the candles
Beef sukiyaki w/ kamut wheat & a dish of my fave veges... HEALTHY---
Elephant teapot, a gift from a gorgeous cousin "Glyn"
Dessert is chinese waffles. Actually, to be eaten on Chinese New Year
Ming! Thanks for the dessert, I adore it!

Well, that's all I can post tonight. Now, have to rush upstairs to watch my fave serie "MENTALIST", direct from the US... SEE YOU ALL... for a new updated story... and WHY 2 tone?

I will be linking this to Lady Marty's meme TTT... when I get up in the morning!


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  1. Simply beautiful, Chie! I love the combination of black & white, and it always works well for a tabletop whether elegant or casual or somewhere in between. Very nice! I like "The Mentalist", too. Simon Baker is SO cute!!!

  2. So lovely!! I adore your elephant teapot...

    Thank You for sharing, I will also be joining Marty for TTT in the morning.

    Have a great night!

  3. Your tablescape is gorgeous. How wonderful. I love that you fix thing so beautifully for you and your husband. Stunning. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love the black and white combination. I have been thinking about creating a black and white table setting soon. Great job. I watch The Mentalist too. It's one of my favorite shows.

  5. Beautiful! Love the black and white design,Joann

  6. What a gorgeously romantic table. (A little early Valentine's Day practice, huh?) I love it! We're inviting you to link your post to our WIW party, we'd love to have you.
    Big hugs,

  7. Hello there beautiful :) Good luck to your beautiful daughter on her studies and I am sure she will do great! Love beef sukiyaki and that elephant teapot. I have a small collection of elephants, mainly candle holders...they are such cute animals ya? Have a great weekend soon..hugs/Mk

  8. Very nice!
    Such a cute teapot :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  9. Your black and white table adds some drama to the meal, for sure! The dish your GH prepared looked wonderful! My GH is our chef -- love having him cook for us! Best wishes to your daughter as she begins her graduate work. My daughter is finished, but my daughter-in-law is just two years into her PhD work. Fun to see them progress!

  10. Hi again! Your table is beautiful! Beef sukyaki looks yummy, I,ve never tried it. Soon. Sunny109

  11. Hi lovely lady.
    Your tablescape is beautiful, you know I love Black and White together like you did with this table lovely.
    Thanks so much for your comments on my Tablescape for Valentines Day.
    I also hope you are feeling better now. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane


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