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I found this information from my dear friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life who is an update blogger. Thank you Marty for the great and helpful message to all our co-bloggers-

             Just a lil glimpse of the project we are doing this time... a bit slow but SURELY, indeed...

Well, As you can see flooring and isolations are well finished and of course our electrician done a good job connecting all the wirings and the lamps are ready with more than 1,200USD (only electrian cost) for 3 days poorer but we are much happier. Tomorrow, the ceiling will be isolated and the floor hearter will be deliver tomorrow. I am happy soon coz I am not living in a building site. *LoL

More issues in a couple of days again... soon, off we go to drive all the stuffs in the University.

------- See You all... HAPPY MID-WEEK... TAKE CARE EVERYBODY---

8 kommentarer:

  1. Good luck on this project, Chie. It's so exciting looking forward to something to get done. Yep, being a Lola is a wonderful feeling. Just wait till you experience it.....Christine

  2. I don't understand what we're supposed to do, Chie. I tried to Follow via the Network Blog thing on the side, but it takes me to something about Facebook. Did I hit the wrong button?

  3. Godmorgon vännen....
    Ville bara säga hej.
    Hoppas det är bra med dig.
    Kram Synnöve.

  4. Hej!
    Länge sen jag tittat in här!
    Roligt med projekt, vi ska också börja snart igen..
    Kram, Lotta

  5. Du har en duktig dotter, hon kommer få en fin utbildning. Och en händig man, det är full fart på renoveringen hos er.
    Ha det gott vännen och ha en bra resa till Lund.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I wish Google would just leave things alone, always forcing us to FB.

  7. Tack för din kommentar hos mig häromdagen! Kram Johanna

  8. I know you're going to be thrilled when your project is finished! Thanks for hyour sweet visit to my winter table last week.


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