Rounding up my NYear's Eve/Day...2011

Maybe, I am a bit of in a lazy mood...

After a hectic week b4 Christmas and NY, I feel decrepit. Colds is on and off. Working in this branch I am working with, isn't fun this time of the year. Every account must be close and every account must be clean b4 the year end. It's all accounts... our Nostro, Vostro & Loro accounts.

In a way, I kind a like my tasks, though. Just sometimes, there are times that I feded up but that is life, It "Must go on"... Living the real life? that's me!!!

My NY celebration was quite. D´Nics started at D´Box for a light lunch. As I told you ladies b4, each year, one of my cousins, gather us together. I wait my turn on year 2013. By that time, I know what to do and what to prepare.

As the year goes by, mine and my cousins kiddo's are growing so fast. It was the last NY last year that all of our kiddos joint with us. 2 big kiddos, my son & another cousin's son was not even during the dinner. This year, they asked if they can join their friends at midnight instead. Only 2 young ladies, both 15 yrs old were with us. Isn't that sad? When our children create their own lives? I realized now, how hurting it is. In 10 days, Lil Missy of D´Box is going to move in the university down south of Sweden. The lil house will be so empty.

Anyways, here was my NY lunch & Eve 2011...
Hope everyone had an enjoyable NYear's Eve welcoming 2012
Start with the decos on top of our serving table...
As you can see, I mix Xmas ornaments & my 23 yrs old wedding shoes
This NY, I decided to have black & gold motives
I hung the blings & angle ornaments of my candelabra as centerpiece
LOTH(lady of the house) guardian angelGH(great hubby) guardian angel
Lil Missy's guardian angel
D´Box guardian angel
It is an angel year here at my house. Do I look like loving them?
I believe in angels and I am loving them.
It seems, I am inlove with all edges? Even edges of life.
Look at this dinner set! Inherirance from GH great grand.
I am not sure how old the set is. Guessing 1940's
A set of have 65 pieces
My new treasure, a Dispenser, gift from a dear friend
She's a flight stewardess of Continental Airlines.
I got this a day b4 Christmas, AWESOME...

Then, here was the lunch...
Green blue cheese in croustades
Scallops and Luxurious shrimp sallad...
Tiramisu, my style...with Marzala wine...
GH trying to open a lil bubble wine, just a spirit of New Year.
Pouring in my glass
Time to move on to the family dinner!
My lovely cousins--- cheering!
Lil Missy & me...
After dinner, kiddos are still with us...Then, we had karoeke contest. Guess, who won? with a 98% score!
The bunch of cousins. Our family is growing here... The bunch of my family gathered together...Me & GH welcoming 2012Not bad, cheering with 2 glasses? §:-)CHEERS to YÁll
Greetings from D´Nics...
My first TTT of the year 2012...
Visit Lady M and enjoy the new inspirations...

14 kommentarer:

  1. HI lovely lady.
    I love all your wonderful photos of your New Years Eve party !!! Looks like ever one had a great time, your China is Gorgeous with the Beautiful Candelabra for your Centerpiece Wow.
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my New Year Eve Tablescapes so sweet of you.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2012 New Year.
    XXOO Diane

  2. Vilken nyårsafton ni hade, först den lunchen och sen familjekalas. Det syns att ni har roligt, en härlig stor släkt du har. Jättefina bilder som vanligt här hos dig.
    Allt gott till dig 2012 vännen

  3. Beautiful table and beautiful family....looks like a fun time!

  4. I love all the drama in your decor. You are skilled at the use of bold~ gold, black, white... very cool. I love all the pictures. I don't know how you pulled off such a lavish party. I would have come unraveled.

    Happy New Year from the Pacific Northwest.

  5. Oh wow! What a wonderful table settings! Looks like you had fun celebrating New year!

    Thanks for stopping by. Wish you a happy and proeprous ney year!


  6. The tablescape is fabulous, such beautiful china. I love all of your pics, looks like such wonderful family fun. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your table is beautiful!

    Happy New Year!

  8. Hi there,

    Wow, this is so beautiful! I love the black and gold together and your candlestick with all the bling is wonderful. You asked about the deer on my post, I bought them last year at Z Gallerie. They do have an on-line store, but they didn't have them this year. Thanks for visiting. Good luck with the hunt!

  9. What a fun tradition with your cousins! I love your black and gold table. The black stemware looks wonderful with your heirloom china. What a treasure to have that pretty china! Happy new year to you, and thank you for your kind comments on my table.

  10. Your tablescape is beautiful..Look forward to reading more of your posts!..Thanks for visiting me too!!

  11. Oh dear Chie, you sure had a terrific NY with all your lovely cousins, you're so lucky you have members of your family in there. Your daughter is such a lovely and beautiful young lady...sorry she has to go to school. Your tablescape is stunning, your dishes are 2die4! I love the candelabra and your stemware, gorgeous everything, so elegant! Happy New Yaer 2012.
    Happy Kings Day too!

  12. What a fun celebration, Chie. Ours was really quiet with the babies but we had fun too. I really like your dishes, so pretty!....Christine

  13. Absolutely beautiful family = )

  14. Thanks for stopping by citicasita. I love your tablescapes and the beautiful gold and black.Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed and joyful year!



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