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 I absolutely MISSED the 100th Party!

First of all, I am not liking my new facelift (Blogger's). You see and You know what I mean? Hmmm... it's a kind of,  aaahhh..."whatever". No complains this time coz I am really running out of time.

I thought, when our kids move-out, we have all the time in the world, ??? Do we? Do I? Or am I just in the phase of adjusting? I keep myself busy that I don't even have time to my old routines. Anyways, hope my life will settle when Lil Missy (daughter) settle her habitat, soon... So soon and I am so excited.

(I AM HAVING COLDS), ha ha ha...Well, enough of my sighs and woes  I don't like having it when we are having  a long week-end  soon.

BTW, here's some bits & pieces b4 I forget to join §;-)
Starting in my counter. Cookbooks & hurricane with my cereal
Those you know me, knows I love fresh flowers and roses is a fave
I love cut glasses/crystals and I love this set, chargers and dinnerwares
A vintage cut crystals,  using them as a dessert plates
Sallad plates are so cute, too?
I toke a photo on the wood counter so, you can see the cuts & the motives

Laying on my Maltese cotton tablecloth. It fits with the embroiderd motives
My centerpiece, floating candles 

Ready for Snapas? Or
Just Cafe Machiatto or Capuccino?
Giving you a glimpse of what I overcame, SIMPLY calm...


Stockholm, is pretty cold right now and will be more colder mid-week to week-end. Take an extra care precious ladies in Bloggersphere. God Bless & BE WELL.
Head over to gorgeous Lady Marty who is hosting the funtime every Tuesday.

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  1. I like your new header Chie, why don't you? I'm also loving your vintage cut glass dishes and your table looks magnificent my friend! I love your fresh cut roses they give just the right color to your pretty table. Have a nice, rested and serene week dear Chie.

  2. Fabby Mia,

    I meant, I don't like having colds when we are on a long week-end.

    My colds just started today and I am so exhausted.

    Thank you for coming and hope you had a great w/end and nice day.


  3. Your tablecloth is so pretty, Chie. I've been looking for one like that, but the only one I have found was stained and way too expensive at an antique store. That just makes me hunt more, but I'm sure I'll find one.

    The tablescape with the crystal dishes is quite stunning. I love that look.

    I'm having a party opening tonight where people can post all home related things. If you would like, you're welcome to add this. Details on my blog if you're interested.

    Enjoy your pretty table. I agree with Fabby. Your blog looks fine to me. :)


  4. Beautiful bits and pieces Chie.

    I love those fabulous forks!


  5. Oh Chie, your header is lovely and your cut glass pieces are stunning. Such a lovely collection. Your tablescape is wonderful. So sorry you aren't feeling well. You are always such a trooper, thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Ooooohhhh...pretty, pretty, pretty! You know I am a pushover for pink! I'm diggin' your new header, too. You did a really good job on it! That's the one thing about the free version of WordPress which I use...I don't think you can create collage headers on it. You did great, though! I hope you feel better very soon. It sucks to be sick! Take care of yourself! :-)

  7. Här kom kylan tillbaka också, man tål inte så mycket nu. Har blivit bortskämda med en mild vinter. Så fint du dukat med glas och vårfärger, och jättefina blommor.
    Och jo, här är allt bra. Fast jag längtar efter en lång varm vår.
    Ha det gott vännen

  8. Love your vintage glass! Thanks for stopping in JoAnn

  9. Chie, you have set a beautiful table from the tablecloth to the china to the fresh flowers... GORGEOUS!!!

    I hope it warms up soon! (it has been quite cold here too!) happy Tea Tuesday..xo HHL

  10. Hello buddy :)

    the new makeover is okay, especially falling hearts...ooh..who can not love it. Your table settings are always so formal and pretty, wish I have the same too :)

    I always tell my husband that when the kids leave the nest, we will be so free. no more fetching tuition, school etc...but honestly, I think we also need a huge adjustment...let's see how then ;))

  11. I am in love with your glassware! Great interiors!

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I love your tablescape! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  13. Hi, thanks for stopping by to see me, what a treat. Love your cut glass, your table top is really gorgeous with the glass and the pink roses - love it! Sorry it's so cold there, we're having 70 degrees today, it's been a very unusual winter, but I'm glad for it. Hugs ~ Mary

  14. Hi lovely lady.
    your header is lovely and your cut glass pieces are Gorgeous. You have a lovely collection. I also love the way you put this all together for this lovely tablescape!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape.reyeryI hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane


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