Chaos on my TTT

Isn't it charming?

Another Tuesday had come and absolutely exciting to be with Lady Marty's TTT every Tuesday. As usual, I am always in a hurry to hang on with you ladies, but I don't actually waste any time, coz I am emjoying my time sharing my life at D´Box with you all.

I just came from my dance class at one of the famous dance school in Stockholm. "Tony Irving Dance Academy". I been dancing since March last year and I found that dancing makes my life more easier.

In the other side of my life, I am stressing out, coz my daughter is moving out this coming Friday. She will be moving to Lund, a 7 hrs drive from Stockholm City, where Lund University is located. So, it isn't funny when our kids move out. I am proud in a way that she have the courage to do so, without friends or anyone with her. Well, her life just starting and I hope and pray that she will march on the aisle of success as she is really interested of Neuro & Cognitive Psychology. Hopefully, she will finish her Doctors Degree and be a successful Neuro Scientist. Isn't that scary or interesting?

Well, enough on my whining and dabbling my woes around... Now, I will share how it looks like on top of our table or kitchen top etc etc...

What do think, what's in it? Hmmm...
OMG! goodies! this are a BIG no no for me... Remember?
I got this recipe book from GH, when I got the tessel from Lady Marty
He thinks that this will be perfect for a luxurious housewife-
That means "If I were Your Housewife" dóh?
This is how it looks like on the left kitchen counter.
I modified quickly, a que sera sera thingy...
I always have 1 or 2 fresh flowers at the kitchen
On the other side of the counter... WARNING---
See? She have a style too, don't you think? She choose of course, nice stuffs
Usually this "lady area" looks like this, BUT, NOW?

While many of us stressing out packing up all Christmas ornaments and so? BUT, me myself? I am stressing packing things to move out. Our house looks like an evacuation center. However, I am loving it! It is seldom you see D´Box (my house) really tupsy turvy. This time, I don't really care how it looks like. Our lives isn't perfect, is it? I guess, we can be so upnosy and pretentious, just showing all the clean and perfect spots, just for the blog sake? Well, I actually don't live in a museum?

So, I am enjoying seeing Lil Missy, packing & unpacking the undecided things, then shopping her groceries and all those stuffs she needs, then ready to say goodbye to her lovely nest, that she also called D´Box. My heart aches, but this is her time to search for a brighter future. In all ways, as a mum, I am still by my kiddos side, for better or for worst. What do you think to parents who have kids who moved out? Do you feel how I feel?

***Excuse for the mess***

Hope you all have/had a great Tuesday or whenever...
Enjoy the rest of the week & hope to see you all again, SOON
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8 kommentarer:

  1. Wishing your daughter all the best with her move. Love your counter vignette.

  2. Beautiful items. All the best to your daughter on her new venture.

  3. Oh I do so understand. It is so hard when they leave the nest and go out on their own. She has a fabulous career ahead of her I am sure. I know this is a really sad and happy time for you, I remember when mine left. Hang in there. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. This whole post is great! Thanks for being so honest and real. Even at its worst, your house looks pretty. I hate transitions. Our son is out of the house but I would still take him back, well maybe not really, but I love his visits. Best of success to your daughter. You should feel very proud!


  5. What an exciting new chapter for your daughter! Yes, it's hard to see them move away, but it shows you've done your job as a mother well! I giggled at the not-so-pretty photos you showed us of the mess involved in moving! Been there, done that!

  6. Wonderful blog - you are adorable! I'm following from now on as I love your style and sense of humor. Thanks for your visit today.

  7. I to understand. Our daughter was home for a couple of weeks and then back to law school. I am so proud of her but miss her too. :(

    Good luck to your sweet girl!


  8. It is hard for Moms when kids move away to college. but then you get used to the way things are and you go on. You are right, this is her time to grow and learn and figure out who she is. Give her the space and freedom she needs and be supportive.


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