5 Days b4 Christmas

Absolutely YULETIDE!!!

It's really amazing the year soon come to an end, when I heard Christmas TIME! Times flies so quickly and I don't realize that I am a year older? §;-)

In my part, as I said, no stress here. Well, me and my lil family will gather on the 24th. As usual, my big kiddo, who work as a chef at Arlanda Airport must work that day until 21hrs, so he will be joining us late... in a way. While his gf & son, will be at home earlier. The lil kiddie (daughter) is home having chillaxing time. She will move to south of Sweden on January 10th to study at Lund University, taking a Neuro & Cognitive Psychology. I am afraid that the house will be so empty now the kiddos are grown up and trying to create their own lives and family. As all of us do. Sad but true.

Therefore, it is wonderful to be with them in times like this. The feelings is remarkable. It feels like, I am visiting my parents. So exciting, although we met each other every now & then.

We lit the 4th candle, symbolizes that Christmas is here...
18th December, snow came & our lawn was covered...
Her lazy looksTrying her dress she purchased in NYC and new lipstick, isn't she gorgeous?D`Nics putting up our Christmas Tree outside...
Simple decked with Christmas balls/ornaments & real snow will cover it soon...

OMG! I had deleted some of the photos... but had some left §:-(
It was cold outside, so lil lady decided to have tea time...
So, I decided to create a white/silver motives then gathered what I have.
Symbolizes the cold winter day in Stockholm, am I right?
This tea set are inexpensive but shall I care the price? This is the only thing I can afford.
However, I find it so nice and elegant. Cool in it's own way.
The dinner plate areVilroy & Bosch as my charger.
Remember, we only have tea? But as plate addict, I laid whatever I see.
With a matching silver sallad dessert plates.
I am good in gathering blings, my centerpiece is a:
Then, things I forgot, that I didn't think they exist? Flatware resters!
They are from India & the silver glass are absolute CONRAN! purchased/UK
High-heeled cakeslicer is one of my inexpensive find!
I love this though? It's fun & I change the ribbon in every occassion.
The rester is a typical Asian appetif plate.
Just some shots for another angles...
This is D´Box Black & White Smooth Cake (now this was half)
We shared with our dear Mr. Handyman (electrician).
The half decked Christmas Tree hanging on our gazebo.
Garlands are tied around so the wind don't blow it away
A shot without flash on... hope to take some more photos.
Now, that it is full with snow. Love it...

Well, that was our w/end. We had a great time together. The last days of bonding alone with the lil lady is priceless. Both kiddos are my treasures and hope they know (guess, they are).

Hope you all had a great w/end like me. Enjoying & stressing preparing for the things you need on your/our tables and gifts to offer to your/our loveones. Whether it is cold or not, HAVE FUN and always keep HEART in place. BE SAFE, EVERYONE? GOD BLESS US ALL...

I am trying my best to join Lady M's TTT party...
Hope to visit her gorgeous blog with so much interesting & educational tips

7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh how gorgeous everything is on your fabulous table. The china with silver is exquisite, I am loving that, what brand is it, I don't think I recall seeing it! I love how everything is wintery like in your table and the tree in the gazebo is lovely, wow, my friend, just gorgeous! Your daughter is so pretty Chie, she has the best of you both, the best for her. Thanks for visiting me before, as I was away at my daughter helping her move to her new house. I have a new post anyway, lol! Love you and wish you a wonderful Christmas to all of you. FABBY

  2. How pretty your table is! All of the silver is just glistening! You've done a beautiful job. What a pretty daughter you have too!
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Vilken vacker gran ni har ute, lyser så stämningsfullt. Och dukningen! Jättevackert, du är en mästare på och göra det vackert runt dig.
    Ha en fin julvecka Chie

  4. Hey pretty lady, how are you?. I love your china that's black and white, it's stunning! What brand are they? All the silver pieces are gorgeous too, you have such inusual and unique things Chie. Lots of hugs,

  5. Your table is very pretty, Chie. I love all the blings, white and silvers. It looks very festive. You daughter is beautiful too! Like mother, like daughter...Merry Christmas! Your teaset is stunning, perfect colors for the table...Christine

  6. Such a lovely "box" you call home and you have a very pretty girl.
    Nice you have snow. Lots of merry wishes for you and your family,
    Mary Ann

  7. Your table is fabulous.. the tea set is so very pretty! I love your tree. That is a shape you don't see over here very often. It reminds me of the ones my grandparents had. Great that you put it outside, you can still enjoy it and the mess is not in your beautiful home. Your daughter is so pretty, love that dress! Merry Christmas to you and yours, xo malris


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