Another Week-Another Game?

Absolutely, it is!

But, my games always for real. There might time, I play for displays but most of the time, I love my real things join the fun.
This week, is my 2nd week I am not working, so I feel really a homey mum and I think, I am loving it. I can wake up whenever, do the things I didn't managed to do when I am working 8 to 5 and do the blogging. Like now... I cope up & hang up with you, ladies! Isn't it luxurious? However, I feel, I am missing something, though? The social life. For instance, meeting old & new colleagues. The chit-chats, coffee breaks, group gym/work-out, the problem solving, changing my attire everyday, in case, a meeting with clients come up and the yelling coz my trades didn't settled on time.
Ahhh... Life sometimes is so hard to cope up with. Sometimes a "bitch" but doing the things that make us happy and contented, is worth living, isn't it?

My sink & some simple things to fit the motives

I guess this is the first time I show you, ladies, how D`Box kitchen top, looks like. I have a very little kitchen but I have enough place/cupboards to hide all my knicks-knacks. My kitchen motives are red/black/white... that's the reason, I have the big red plate on the top of my windowpain and red candle. Our kitchen is always the first spot in D´Box that is a tip-top clean. If not? D´Nics, ruin my day §:-)

--- K, let's starts---
C.R. Carlström silver flatwares/double tablecloth
This silver flatwares are absolutely very swedish and manufactured in Stockholm. I purchased this set for 23 yrs. ago in an antique store. The old lady told me that this is a typical Sheffield crown and known as a 40.50 yrs old. I am adoring them. I have a dozen, from teaspoons to soup spoons.
Serving spoon, same manufacturer...
100% cotton/linen tea towel...
To you, who just came to know me, just want to tell you that I am a good modifier. Everything in handy, must modify. So, I found this tea towels and it's hand embroidered. I can't resist to buy 2 dozen. 1 in this colour and the other dozen was red and white stiches. Fantastic.. Today, I use them as my tablenapkins...
Simple centerpiece---A sign of abundancy

I am so in love with all centerpieces I/You have in your/my table. In my own opinion, this lil piece makes our celestial tables and give a beautiful ambiance with a delight dining. In this simple one, I have demounted a 2 tier cakestand and I gathered what I have around D´Box. On "top" of it lays mini pumpkins, purple sweet corns, artichoke, an egg choco and my rusty sceptre. I found they are worth joining.
Russian cut crystal glasses...
This are purchased by my russian friend. I love cuts. It looks so well carved. Perfect for my kitchen motives (again!).
My shabby chic/country dinner set
I always dream to collect this set, since awhile ago. I am loving them. Many of my swedish co-bloggers whom I know use their treasure only during special occasions. While, I am using them when I feel like using them. Friends & family started to buy when I celebrate my birthdays or Christmas. Now, my collection is almost end up.
Dinner, sallad and coffee set
Recently, I showed one of my ruffled dinner plate. Many of us who love shabby chic drools. I have 1 set of 8 for every set from dinner plates to saucers.
Upper view during evening...
And dinner is serve...Roast potatoes & carrots...
Green sallad & Cordon bleu
Can you see the serving plate edge? Roses!!! am loving them... A big plate, perfect for serving. In D´Box, we love to have real food on the table. Fresh & healthy is our motto...Always keep warm not just on winter. Keep hearts warm too...

That's all, lovelies? Hope you all have a great TTT and enjoy travelling to visit our bloggie friends. How I wish I could visit you all for real and have chit-chats...

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Greetings from chilly Stockholm
/♥♥♥chie ♥♥♥

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  1. Your table is so lovely and I LOVE your silver pattern with the crown. Also, your dinner looks delicious, and I like how you arranged it on the serving dish. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you have a good week.

  2. Hi and thanks for stopping by your lovely comment on my blog. Glad to hear you will be visiting our lovely country and hope you will see Cape Town. I have another blog on Cape Town which is still quite new but will be posting loads in the next few months, called Mother City Magic.


  3. So stunning, Chie! I love the cut glass red stemware and tyou flatware are so pretty also. I love your new header!...Christine

  4. Det var roligt och titta in i köket. Du har en jättevacker fransk lilja, och dom röda glasen är underbart fina. Så fint du dukat.
    ♥-kram till dig

  5. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your Beautiful Tablescape with your Gorgeous white dishes and your red stemware!!! I would like to thank you so much for visiting my new Halloween Tablescape and your your sweet comments.
    XXOO Diane
    I see I do follow you...

  6. What a fun blog! Everything on your table, from the silverware to your meal looks yummy!

  7. You have a lovely table setting! Love those silverware, so elegant. Your kitchen is very neat and I love your theme and color scheme.

  8. I love all the pretty elements on your table. Especially the beautiful white dishes and the silver - gorgeous - so classic. Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Linda

  9. Lovely tablesetting, and dinner looks delish!!

  10. Hello,
    thank you for stopping by and leaving that nice comment.
    Your tablesetting is very charming. The red Russian cut glass and the white plates fit so perfect in the whole room. And the food! Yumm!
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your nice comment. You have a sweet kitchen and I like red too. Love the red glass and silverware; very pretty. Your dinner looks delicious! Have a lovely week.


  12. What beautiful dinnerware and flatware. I don't blame you, use what you love. But my favorite is that gorgeous Russian stem ware in ruby red. AHHH.... divine!

  13. Your tablescape is unreal. I love your dishes and the centerpiece with all the gourds is beautiful. Dinner sounds fabulous. Wish I had been there. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. So pretty! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment.

  15. What a beautiful table!! I love the silver pattern and the dinnerware is just gorgeous! The red stemware is breathtaking! Thanks for stopping by!!

  16. Everything is beautiful. The white dishes...I am wishing for a set...of course! :) And the beautiful.
    I love the idea of tea towels as napkins and have been waiting to find exactly what I want...Napkins are just not large enough and often not the sort of fabric that is easly cleaned of stains..
    ok..LOVE it all. The sink! looks as though it would be too high for me. Most sinks are.
    Have a wonderful week..and thank you SO much for popping in to see me and leaving a lovely comment.
    :) Mona

  17. This is so pretty! I love your white dishes & the Russian cut glasses are beautiful.

  18. I hope you know how much I enjoy visiting you every week! Your kitchen is as sweet as I expected it to be. Those dishes are so lovely. How nice that your family hepled you collect them. The food looks delicious and I wish I could smell it! Thank you for sharing with us!

  19. Beautiful silver, china and crystal adorn your lovely table, Chie. Your dinner is making me drool!
    Have a great weekend.

  20. You really have some beautiful things -- I am particularly taken with your Russian crystal. Just exquisite.

  21. Love your Russian crystal and your Sheffield silver...great choices for your collection. Thank you for the information about the capiz chargers/placemats. I did think that the size seemed more like a placemat, but they have a rim, verge, and indented center area like a plate. I think that's why I ultimately decided that they were plates. I wish that I could find more of them. Thank you for sharing your treasures and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  22. Chie, your table is lovely! Your dishes are beautiful!! I love white dishes. Your silverware is pretty. Thank you for visiting my tablescape. I am glad to "meet" you!

  23. Beautiful! The stemware is stunning and your food looks absolutely delicious too!

  24. Your dishes are so lovely! As is your silver and the russian crystal. All so very very pretty. Not only do you set beautiful tables, but you are a great cook too.
    Thanks for dropping in and leaving your very kind comments, xo marlis

  25. Hello there, sweet Chie! I have been on the road with my husband and therefore very slow about getting to your blog post. So sorry about that! It has really been a crazy week! Beautiful flatware!!! And I LOVE the cut crystal and dishes!!! You have such a lovely collection of things! Your meal looks absolutely mouth-watering.


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