Spooktacular BitchA WitchA W/end @ D´Box & SSS joins

Just want to celebrate!

Hello my gorgeous Ladies, in my beautiful World!!! Halloween is soon here. Whilst, Sweden celebrate the All Soul's Day & not Halloween and that will be celebrates next week-end.

However, I don't want to missed the cool thing, partying & the decor fun, therefore I am enjoying with some bits & pieces we have had in my sorroundings. So, LET'S PARTY!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN...Welcome to D´Nics @ D´Box
Time to drive the Evils away from my world...
Pls and sit & join to have D´Box own Bloody Hell drink *wink
Mini-bird's bath is my centerpiece
Goodies/sweet bowl join the fun scaring evils
Goodwill glasses & Kosta Boda Blackline crystal joins tooGimme a pumpkin Smile, pls?Love the mini crowns as my napkin rings

Mini version of Legoland, Berlin

This post is a bit Chie-Mix §:-) coz I will start working full time and my time is not enough for all the activities and hobby as far as I am concern, so, sorry if this is a long one.

Just hope you're all enjoying my dabba-dabble & knicks-knacks mood.

so don't forget to visit her & her gorgeous & talented players.
As well as Susan@ BNOP

Another Week-Another Game?

Absolutely, it is!

But, my games always for real. There might time, I play for displays but most of the time, I love my real things join the fun.
This week, is my 2nd week I am not working, so I feel really a homey mum and I think, I am loving it. I can wake up whenever, do the things I didn't managed to do when I am working 8 to 5 and do the blogging. Like now... I cope up & hang up with you, ladies! Isn't it luxurious? However, I feel, I am missing something, though? The social life. For instance, meeting old & new colleagues. The chit-chats, coffee breaks, group gym/work-out, the problem solving, changing my attire everyday, in case, a meeting with clients come up and the yelling coz my trades didn't settled on time.
Ahhh... Life sometimes is so hard to cope up with. Sometimes a "bitch" but doing the things that make us happy and contented, is worth living, isn't it?

My sink & some simple things to fit the motives

I guess this is the first time I show you, ladies, how D`Box kitchen top, looks like. I have a very little kitchen but I have enough place/cupboards to hide all my knicks-knacks. My kitchen motives are red/black/white... that's the reason, I have the big red plate on the top of my windowpain and red candle. Our kitchen is always the first spot in D´Box that is a tip-top clean. If not? D´Nics, ruin my day §:-)

--- K, let's starts---
C.R. Carlström silver flatwares/double tablecloth
This silver flatwares are absolutely very swedish and manufactured in Stockholm. I purchased this set for 23 yrs. ago in an antique store. The old lady told me that this is a typical Sheffield crown and known as a 40.50 yrs old. I am adoring them. I have a dozen, from teaspoons to soup spoons.
Serving spoon, same manufacturer...
100% cotton/linen tea towel...
To you, who just came to know me, just want to tell you that I am a good modifier. Everything in handy, must modify. So, I found this tea towels and it's hand embroidered. I can't resist to buy 2 dozen. 1 in this colour and the other dozen was red and white stiches. Fantastic.. Today, I use them as my tablenapkins...
Simple centerpiece---A sign of abundancy

I am so in love with all centerpieces I/You have in your/my table. In my own opinion, this lil piece makes our celestial tables and give a beautiful ambiance with a delight dining. In this simple one, I have demounted a 2 tier cakestand and I gathered what I have around D´Box. On "top" of it lays mini pumpkins, purple sweet corns, artichoke, an egg choco and my rusty sceptre. I found they are worth joining.
Russian cut crystal glasses...
This are purchased by my russian friend. I love cuts. It looks so well carved. Perfect for my kitchen motives (again!).
My shabby chic/country dinner set
I always dream to collect this set, since awhile ago. I am loving them. Many of my swedish co-bloggers whom I know use their treasure only during special occasions. While, I am using them when I feel like using them. Friends & family started to buy when I celebrate my birthdays or Christmas. Now, my collection is almost end up.
Dinner, sallad and coffee set
Recently, I showed one of my ruffled dinner plate. Many of us who love shabby chic drools. I have 1 set of 8 for every set from dinner plates to saucers.
Upper view during evening...
And dinner is serve...Roast potatoes & carrots...
Green sallad & Cordon bleu
Can you see the serving plate edge? Roses!!! am loving them... A big plate, perfect for serving. In D´Box, we love to have real food on the table. Fresh & healthy is our motto...Always keep warm not just on winter. Keep hearts warm too...

That's all, lovelies? Hope you all have a great TTT and enjoy travelling to visit our bloggie friends. How I wish I could visit you all for real and have chit-chats...

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Greetings from chilly Stockholm
/♥♥♥chie ♥♥♥

SSS Join In Summing Up D´Nics Summer

Our summer was with our heart friends from Melbourne, OZ
One of the cutiest thing I saw
And the largest ASHTRAY I ever seen...
Teracotta Army Museum
St. Peter's Basilica Square/ROME
Mount Etna/Italy!
Knossos Palace Ruins
Yummy greek chef sallad...
Xania/Kalyves Beach
Island of Crete/Greece
Too petité to jump up on that horse!
Largest Dala Horse... (well-known Swedish product)
Gondolen at The Globe/Stockholm

Hope everyone have/had a wonderful and blessed week-end wherever you are. Life is too short to spoil it, so, have FUN and ENJOY to the MAX.
Greetings from D`Nics @ D´BOX
And head over to Tracy... where U can see the SSS shooters..

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