Quick Pick on My Normal Week---

Quick Pick!!!

Many people wonder why I am not too active in my blog? I received comments & emails. Some forget me and some stay. Friends around said "why UR too bz?"
Hmmm... I wonder that too? How I wish, I have 8 days a week & 42 hrs a day, a stay home mom or just.... "whatevah" to cope up all my missed time.
Anyhow, that's life! We must priorities... blogging is just my way of giving a time to relax, think and make me so resourceful. When bloggie friends go? Well, I can't keep them to stay. A true blood blogger always stay & visits.

So, here's my Life... always BZ...
Checking apple blooms!
De-weeding on my vege plots...
Dwarf tomatoe bearing fruits...
My mini lilacs... blooming & smells good, my perfume
While am BZ, D´Nics had their chillaxing time!
Brunch time w/ family... suddenly!!!
Too BZ with a project! BRB with more details...NXT
Early summer morning, hurried to work!
Hurry HOME...on late summer evening!!!
BBQ time w/ good friends at D´Box
Confirmation w/ my niece. Posed the the Bishop

Huh! That's the reason why am so quite. Hope you're not stress browsing my hectice week. In top of it I am learning driving... ha ha... too hard to learn when your in the middle age. Geee!!! makes more stressy.

Hope you enjoy coming back to view my shots of SSS
But, dont' 4get to head over to Tracy...
WOW! gotyah! Blogger!

P.S. (will be back w/ the logo)
Bloggers sucks tonight!

HAPPY SSS to all participants & readers...

Have a superb sunny w/end.

8 kommentarer:

  1. It does sound like you have a full schedule. I loved the pic of you being able to relax and just read for a little bit. Just remember, you are doing all the important things, so blog when you can. Hugs, Marty

  2. Blogger has been hit-and-miss here in the eastern USA all day – indeed, Blogger (for me too) is very bad today!

    That said, your post is great today! Your ‘estate’ is wonderful, you look so nice in your gardening outfit (and especially your hat :). You and your DH are relaxing underneath that short summer Swedish sun, and you look fabulous as you do so!

    As well, you and your niece look happy as you stand next to the bishop. A great post this week – you don’t have to blog a lot when your posts are as nice as this!

  3. Wow sis you really are busy, the same applies to me too lol. Summer is a busy time for all of us I guess. Love your lilac bush! Inagt lagi.

  4. plenty of shadow shots! nice photos..

    here for SSS!


    hope you can visit back, thanks!duct

  5. Busy busy busy! It's tricky keeping up with blogging amongst everything else in life. Don't worry! I'm sure most people understand.

    All the best with your driving lessons!

  6. oh wow! what a busy life...anyway, love all your photos here. Happy SS

  7. Gomorron
    Jag kommer aldrig och sluta läsa din blogg, höll dock på och missa detta inlägg. Har varit i stugan och där har jag ingen el. Jag gillar och se hur livet är i Älvsjö, du förmedlar det så bra med dina bilder.
    Ha en fin sommardag goa bloggvän

  8. Your not alone of being bz...the place we live teach us how to deal with it in a right way...(man vänjer sig) as I always hear from my co-workmates...anyway ganda nang mga photos mo sigoro ang ganda nang weather nyo dyan, till sist lycka till körkortet...snart kan du hälsa på mig...heheheh! bamse kramisar....Khim in Göteborg.


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