OFF FISHIN´ since last week...

Good morning World... A quick update!!!

Am on vacation and am out of town. So, to the winners, be patience. I will post your gifts as soon am back in town.


BRB soon

Surprise Gifts to Lady M's readers & TS joins

Hello All gorgeous Ladies !!!

Sorry to missed to post my surprise gifts apart from what Lady M's stated on her blog. Absolutely, stupidity of me. A sign of a middle age woman, eh? §:-) OR just am too busy and stressy at work? But, am happy now coz I am on my vacation for 2 weeks, however, my friends in heart from Melbourne, Australia are coming on Sunday for 10 days visit in Stockholm. Exciting!!!

Anyways, those who wonder... here they are:

A wine glass markers, set of 6 & toothpick stand!

Good Luck to winners...

Lady M will announce who will be the lucky winners. Then, you leave your name and address to her and she will forward to me. Then after, soon you will receive the swedish stuffs directly from Sweden.

I am joining TS too, on my chaotic kitchen for today's lunch
Paint is now dry enough to hang my new curtains
Luminarc glass our daily use
Soup bowl for today's dreary daySummer new colour motives at my dining...
New kitchen floor with a colour coherent in every corner...
God Bless Us All...

Lady M Cloché Party joins D´Box chaos!!!

Can I still join?

Sorry, gorgeousness! that I am late again. Too much to doLänk at work as this month is a so called "Industrial Vacation" in Sweden. Sad to say that staffs who stayed at work since June 17 to Aug. 17 works like "...LL".

Anyhow, that's life. My turn on Thursday until Aug 8. Then I save 3 weeks for autumn & winter vacation. Agadir in Marocco is in the list, Dubai & Monte Carlo. So, it isn't bad, somehow.

While, am busy at work, GH (great hubby) is busy painting windowframes and we changed the wallpaper in our bedroom. Then, of course, LOTH (lady of the house) wanted to change the curtains & blinds. Sewing--- like am joing the "Runway" §:-)

The outcome will be shown another time, as I have to hurry to join Lady M's party.

Sorry for the mess....
WELCOME at D´Box lounge... pls don't mind the mess...
Garden rusty crown came in & join the party
Hurricane like joins eventhough, it's not her place here
Duno if we count this as cloché but I see her quality to be one
"I carried this Spanish ceramic from Costa Brava, Spain"
Showing some close ups...
One of the fave cloché at D´Box
My new revamped reading nook (not ready) as much as my plan
One of the biggest, always stand by me (in the kitchen)

I guess, this is my shots, not too appealing compares to many of you but, as promised, I will join and share the simple way of swedish living.

Don't forget to join Lady M's party & you can win what I can share & 2 more exciting prizes. Hope everybody enjoy the mid-week.

Toothpick stand behind is one of the dinning cloché
Surprise gifts...
C´mon & join us...

God Bless All

Quick Pick on My Normal Week---

Quick Pick!!!

Many people wonder why I am not too active in my blog? I received comments & emails. Some forget me and some stay. Friends around said "why UR too bz?"
Hmmm... I wonder that too? How I wish, I have 8 days a week & 42 hrs a day, a stay home mom or just.... "whatevah" to cope up all my missed time.
Anyhow, that's life! We must priorities... blogging is just my way of giving a time to relax, think and make me so resourceful. When bloggie friends go? Well, I can't keep them to stay. A true blood blogger always stay & visits.

So, here's my Life... always BZ...
Checking apple blooms!
De-weeding on my vege plots...
Dwarf tomatoe bearing fruits...
My mini lilacs... blooming & smells good, my perfume
While am BZ, D´Nics had their chillaxing time!
Brunch time w/ family... suddenly!!!
Too BZ with a project! BRB with more details...NXT
Early summer morning, hurried to work!
Hurry HOME...on late summer evening!!!
BBQ time w/ good friends at D´Box
Confirmation w/ my niece. Posed the the Bishop

Huh! That's the reason why am so quite. Hope you're not stress browsing my hectice week. In top of it I am learning driving... ha ha... too hard to learn when your in the middle age. Geee!!! makes more stressy.

Hope you enjoy coming back to view my shots of SSS
But, dont' 4get to head over to Tracy...
WOW! gotyah! Blogger!

P.S. (will be back w/ the logo)
Bloggers sucks tonight!

HAPPY SSS to all participants & readers...

Have a superb sunny w/end.

CC joins TTT though TARDY

Sorry, Ladies!!!

I am tardy, but "better late than never", right? One reason is that, I am so bad with blogsite. I can't log in and everything was down, after I link the "Followwe's button". Anyhow, I am here and I try to share some quick snapshots for Lady Marty's meme. One of my fave meme in "Bloglandia".

Yes,! As Lady M, stated in her post today, in behalf of Chubby & Chieque, Lady M will have a giveaway on her Cloché Party on the 19th. But that's not all. I will have a cute extra giveaway too.

So, check this OUT...
You can win a toothpick stand! A one of a kind!!!
(click for a larger view, if you are interested)

In my kitchen! A cloché & huricanes, D´Box cereal bins §:-)
On the top of my lounge sideboard
Just showing my lil reading nook! Does this count? *LOL
On the top is a mini cake stand full w/ luxurious choco
Candelabra, standing still in her throne, sorrounded with Capo di Montis

Guess, this are the simple things, I can share today. As I said, Scandinavian style with Asian touche... hmmm... am I complicated?

Anyways, head over to dear Marty's TTT...
Million thanks, Lady Marty for having this fun.

HAPPY TTT EVERYONE & Don't forget to join Lady M's Cloché Party
July 19th. I may be tardy again, but am coming. Time difference is the reason.

Take care...

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