Midsummer Mood...on my SSS

My Mid-summer Celebration

Yes! Sweden was on holiday on the 24th June 2011. Time to celebrate the 2011 Midsummer. It was nice weather, although it wasn't a hot day but it was pleasant day.

Here was my day with family & friends...
The day started with this--sunshine!!! Outside home---
Gazebo catches pretty shadow... Then in vicinity courtyard...
Our Maypole stand still...
Then, sun hid under the dark clouds...
Lil Liz could only showed her subtle me too...
GH & lil Liz aren't so happy with the sun, huh?

Suddenly, SHINES! & had a happy faces

While chasing shadows, I saw these men w/ midsummer wreath, cool!
Swedes listened to the midsummer songs
Now, hang on at my cousin's place for dinner & games...
Went out for to glimpse a lil sunshine...

Cool sunshine welcomes me in my reading nook...
But... an hour later, do you believe it?HAILING...
Anyways, I am indoor and it doesn't bother me... I use to tell my family, " there's nothing bad weather, put on the right gears and everything will be OK"

How about your dear friends? Are you enjoying your weather?
And don't forget to head over to:
Tracy...far beyond in the Land DownUnder §;-)


14 kommentarer:

  1. Oh dear! Not HAIL! The rest of the celebration sounds wonderful though. :)

  2. All the outdoor activities were captured and enjoyed before the hail - excellent timing! Local celebrations under a (mostly) sunny sky are to be enjoyed - we were at a local street fair today, and the sun seemed to have everyone in a fine mood! Your outdoor buffet looks delicious, the party attendees hopefully brought their appetite!

    What a lovely family!

  3. How the weather changes, but I like your words of wisdom about putting on the right gear and all is well!

    I drooled over all that food and then fainted when I saw the cakes ... lol.

    Thanks for the visit and good to see you again.

  4. You are so right, there is no bad weather, as long as we have weather, all is good.
    Love your midsummer festivities and great shadows, especially of the people on the bench listening to the song. What would summer be without the contrast of a good thunder-storm and hail? You show us so many beautiful shadows inside and out. A great post!

  5. A great way to celebrate mid-summer day, chasing shadows with friends and family, listening to music and eating good food.

  6. Welcome back! What a wonderful day you had! Not so much the hail but all the happy times. Great shadows for the week!Have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. Wonderful shots. It is nice to see happiness everywhere.

  8. Så midsommarfina ni är, ser att du firat midsommar precis så där mysigt som det ska vara. Har tittat jättenoga på dina bilder, vet att min faster gillar och gå på såna fester. Har en kusin, Lena och hennes man bor också nära dig.
    Och vilka hagel! Otroligt att det kan bildas så stora på sommaren.
    Ha en skön solig söndag
    Kramar i massor

  9. What a fabulous day...I really enjoyed you sharing everything. But, I must admit I most liked the one of the three of you ladies with your beautiful smiles!!

    It was nice to visit with you today....If you'd care to drop by and say hi, I'm leaving my Sunday's Link for you---HERE

    Have a glorious week ahead.

  10. Looks fun and great time. Happy SSS! Mine is up too.

    Mine is here

  11. Your reading nook...looks incredibly comfy!
    Looks like a great time, even with the hail. :)

  12. Chie - your family (as well as yourself) always throw the BEST parties!! The festival looks great - the hail, not so much! But you're right - put the right gear on and you should be good!!
    Have a sunny week dear!

  13. Looks like a wonderful time ~ lots of fun and good food. And then hail!

    Wow. Crazy weather. I like your attitude about wearing the right clothing to accommodate any weather.

    Not playing this wee, just saw that you visited Ralph and I thought I'd say hi!


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