SSS on Earth Hour 26/3-11

Yeah... sun shone the whole day...

Absolutely nice and sunny Saturday, however I felt so cold & lazy to chase some shadows for today, so, I just went around the Precious BOX and saw some interesting SS...Call me lazy but I really am lazy this week-end.

Bit BZ packing for next week adventure. Both me and GH are going to the swedish alps for a bonding time. Skiing? Oh well, let's see what will be the outcome of this ski holiday. Snow, windy, ski lift & with winter boots? Wish me luck, good pepz?

Anyways, here are some snaps, here & around...
While I fixed our bed, GH saw sun rays wink in...
I saw this from the top floor on the open porch
This is how you see the foyér
Mantle top-loving the sharp shadows of my fave treasures
Beside the fireplace, this group want to join too
On the top of my sidetable in the lounge: EVOL of course!
My coffe table...Ahhh!!! sunny day---
Daisy stand graciously & share her subtle SS
My new found vintage silver treasures & subtles SS too...
HOPE this is the last snow photo for this long winter (last w/end)
This was our kitchen 2 hrs ago. Precious Box joined Earth Hour...
In the lounge

Hope everybody joined/join the Earth Hour & support Mother Earth for an hour. Since, Earth Hour started, D´Nics joined too.

See! I told you? I am LAZY, not even stepped out that door behind that curtain in the foyér photo you see... I enjoyed doing nothing today. Another lazy w/end for me and Am Loving It!

Happy SSS beautiful ppl of the world!
But don't 4get to head-over DownUnder
pressing Tracy's LOGO...

SE time is 02.30am. I can't resist posting my shots as I missed again last w/end. I might miss again this coming SSS.

19 kommentarer:

  1. What is with all the snow still? We have been snow free (for the most part) for 2 weeks. It is pretty, but a bit tiring...

    The term 'box' seems to imply small and confining. Not the beautiful 'box' you live in! The nicest and warm shadows anywhere appear in your home. Stylish and elegant without being at all stuffy - the shadows are so nice.

    Enjoy your week, and hope for more sun and no snow!

  2. Gorgeous shadows as usual sistah! We are expecting more snow this coming week wahhh..

    My shadows, have a great weekend!

  3. Great shots! Weekends were made for being lazy so it's all ok! Enjoy your trip away. I'm so jealous!

  4. So many nice shadows around your lovely home. Great post

  5. @Ralf
    Thank you so much for appreciating what I have at my lil "box".

    Yes, the house I live in looks a a lil box. It's pretty small and perfect for 3 of us.

    Though the size, I love it and striving to make as pretty as I love.

    Cheers to all...

  6. Fina skuggbilder, och hoppas nu att all denna snö tinar fort. Fast till fjällen är det roligt och åka, där ska det ju vara snö.
    Och häftigt att du lär dig dansa hos Tony Irving, kan tänka mig att det är jobbigt men kul.
    Ha så bra resa
    Varm kram

  7. HAppy Sunday to you Chie! We love looking at your home - we love the way you decorate it! Snow...bahhh! We're wishing you lots of sun to melt that stuff!! Enjoy your lazy weekend :) sounds nice!!
    Karla & Karrie

  8. Thankfully, our snow is all gone, but we had a hail storm last week that left about 1" of little white balls on everything. Nice shadows!

  9. Thankfully, all of our snow is gone, but we had a hail storm that left 1" of little white balls on everything. Nice shadows!

  10. I don't think you were lazy at all... look at all those wonderful shadow shots you took! Beautiful! Enjoy your trip.


  11. Lots of great SS here. Thanks for your visit.

  12. You are indeed a relentless sleuth when it comes to hunting down shadows! Great collection.

  13. What a wonderful collection of ShadowShots. I enjoyed each one! Have a great week.

  14. Beautiful photos of your beautiful home. I especially like that sunny foyer.

  15. hey chie! back here after ages. am so happy to see you wonderful shots. loved that coffee table :)

  16. Beautiful interior decor. A 'box' is what you make of it, and you have made it a lovely box!


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