A FREE DAY on My Sunny SSS...

Better late than never coz I am still hibernating!

Seems I am, right? Well, trying to move on a bit for everyday that comes. Not feeling bad as I felt for couple of weeks ago.

The sorrounding's still white with a shadow of grayish-muddy like and for me, this is a sign of "thawing time", isn't it excited? Supposedly, I am going to grab some summer dressess that I purchased, however, my laziness overrule!!! So, stuck at home while eating some unhealthy snacks. I think, I deserve it §;-)

Anyhow, I am still keeping my fingers X, and hoping that me and my lil family will go through this winter sickness. We're all seeing the positive signs.

Sunshine came in at D´Precious Box... NICEHURRAY, entrance porch is snow FREE too §;-)
This was it look like the other w/endWhile GH stood and showing you, how much cm. last week?
Wow! isn't it cool? Mr. Spiderman is resting inside my bathtub, YIKES
At the backyard...
Across at my house... snow is thawing here too...
Sunday drive around
Cellar entrance welcome us home with the most perfect shot!
At last, Welcome to D´Precious Box, looks like my decos are
going to be zink & rusty? Keep looking dear friends?

HAPPY SSS (though am always late)
Sorry Tracy... hard coping up but am on the way back...

8 kommentarer:

  1. Love your new heading!!

    No more snow, hoping for spring!!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better now sis. My kids' sickness keeps coming back, hay kahirap ng buhay hehehe.. We are having snow once again sigh.

    If you have time, please take a peek at my daughter's blog .. Kids e-Connection... Mwah, ingat lagi!

  3. Det var fina bilder från din lediga dag, härligt att solen lyst också. Ser att ni har mycket snö kvar, är ungefär lika mycket här.
    Hoppas du får en fin vårvecka
    Varm kram

  4. Your home, as always, is absolutely beautiful and stylish in its many lovely details. The inside looks arm with the sunny shadow, the outside - not at all! The sun is always welcome, and our front yard has no more snow. Now if it would just go away...

  5. You still have a lot of snow on the ground, but I can see that it's melting. Come quickly, spring!


    A shadow for one?
    What fun, what fun!

    A shadow for two—
    In black or blue?

    A shadow for three?
    O my, O me!

    A shadow for four?
    Ah, mi amour!

    A shadow for five?
    Coming alive!

    A shadow for six?
    Light playing tricks!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Tlaquepaque Street

  6. Wonderful shots as always! And it lovely to hear that you're feeling better than you were a few weeks ago. I hope things start to warm up for you soon! You still have so much snow around! Gosh! Have a great week ahead and stay warm and healthy :)

  7. So sorry you have been feeling ill. I hope you are better by now. I am in Oregon helping take care of my grandson who broke both legs. If you email me I will give you the correct address. I think I mistakenly gave you the old address without thinking. When you move it is so hard to get used to new street numbers. Thank you for the sweet package even if I didn't get it. My email is astrollthrulife@live.com. Hugs, Marty

  8. Aww lovely little lady Chi ... it has been such a long time, thank you so much for passing by at the blog and your compliments about my home in the IKEA magazine ;) I think I look rather silly in the picture but okay haha.. ( I had to hide my other hand as I had it in fully bandage because of an injury that day haha)

    see you sweety ... let me nw when you blog about and I will link it
    A warm hug, desiree


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