Sunday Walk chasing SS

Hi SS Chasers!!!

Oh yes! what I promised wasn't fulfilled, i.e. that "I will be joining & punctual for our meme " but the motivation wasn't good & the long freezing winter made me hibernate. Winter colds & too much work aren't good combination either. That's the reason my presence isn't active.

Anyways, I am trying to take some shot when we went out in the vicinity.

B4 that, I saw some subtle shadows on the way out...

Brrr... freezing, huh? 25 decimeter snow on the open porch, shall I go?
Tthis was on the way out for a Sunday walk..
Welcome, will U dare to step on my entrance stairs?
GH checked if his car still working §;-)
Hmmm... a Playboy?
Well, this is how our street looks like...
Which way then?
I said "THERE!" pointing my pouty lips to GH §;-)
But he said "this way, pls" he he...
I insisted... I murmured & yelled "Am freezing, wanna home"
OK, then! Now, we're HOME again...

I guess, I am a bubbly lil thing again, ain't I? Anyways, this is some of the good shots I can share today, hopefully the weather will be friendly with me this coming weeks & months. Coz am tired being sick, or sick? I meant... when it's cold? I cough and this cough is what docs called "Winter Allergy/asthma". That causes my lungs collapses. Not funny at all.

HAPPY SSS, all dear friends & check who's joining heading at:

9 kommentarer:

  1. I like all the shots cool...Happy SSS!

    Mine is here

  2. A lovely collection of shots! I hope you get over the winter blues!!

  3. Wow you still have a lot of snow there eh. Over here, it's all melted and we are having a warmer weather. Of course winter isn't over yet sigh. Sorry to hear about your asthma. Our daughter is sick right now, kala ko nga she will go through without any absent from school but so unfortunate to got sick..

  4. Så fina tofsar du har, ser jättefina på två bilder. Jobbigt att du inte är frisk, det är besvärligt när det tar omtag och man blir sjuk igen. Hoppas nu snart denna eviga vinter tar slut snart, vi behöver vår och värme.
    Kram till dig vännen

  5. The snow-covered tree shot is my favorite!


    A seeker of shadows one day
    Did trip as she went on her way;
    She picked herself up
    And dipped from a cup
    Of shadowy lemon parfait!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Memories

  6. Yup, the cold gets to my lungs too, but we've had a wonderful break the last week, temps almost to 60 and all of our snow is gone, I hung clothes and sheets out on the line the other day...mmmm. smell so good!

    It rained hard this morning, but me and the dog played chase the stick this afternoon...what fun...COME ON SPRING!!!

    Hope you're feeling better lil friend!!!


  7. Great shots! Winter is such a horrible month. Hibernating is a good idea I think. Take care sweetie!

  8. ah....probably the most inspiring SSS player..with a huge list of SSS pictures, each one better that the other. Happy week my friend.

  9. halloj tjejern härligtvatt se att du bloggar på för fullt forfarande :) viss är det kul, jag bloggar enbart nu och arbetar som nätverkskoordninator..så kan de gå :) Kul är det iaf..sköt om dig/Marie


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