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Still am coming ON & off from my meme's. It's crazy indeed, both home & work while our weather get crazier §:-( more snow approx. 20 decimeter for a day? Ahhh... winter, loving & hating it! but life must go on, for better or for worst, right? Anyways, I hope everybody in bloggiesphere feeling good & stay pretty all time. Thumbs UP for that.

The Precious Box (what I call our home), table during our Valentine's dinner was just so simple. Valentine's Day falls on Monday and D´Nics were busy working & the lil missy was in school, so I just grabbed what I could & prepare the simplest dinner & bake the simplest cupcakes for dessert...


Charger & everyday use flatwares...
Dinner plate...
Sallad plate...
Water & wine glasses are Russian crystals
Simple centerpiece with our guardian angels with some VD touch
Chili vinegar was added for fun sake §;-)
Some angles...
Mango & avocado with shrimps sallad with my spec dressing
Gnocchi pasta gratin with mozzarella cheese & parmesan toppings
A quick fix dinner at Preciou Box
While am busy preparing the table & dinner,
Lil Missy bake her heart muffins §;-)
Hope everybody had a great Heart's Day...

Enjoy the day gorgeous Ladies! Hope to see you around but head ove to Susan at BNOP, b4 heading somewhore else, k? Join the fun even not participating. We have fun


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  1. Vilket kalas på en måndag, din familj måste uppskatta all god mat du gör. Och jättevackra glas, så fin röd färg. Du kan konsten och sätta guldkant på vardagen.

  2. Hi!
    okay-love the dishes---those red chargers are more than cool! Where did you ever find those?
    Well, and dinner---yummy!

    Here´s getting to know each other!

  3. Oh, I love your gorgeous Russian crystal! How wonderful to have both the tumblers and the wine glasses in that pretty design! Your special meal sounded (and looked) delicious!

  4. Simple and elegant. Loved it.

  5. What a beautiful and festive table you made for Valentine's Day! thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Oh how pretty! Your food looks delicious. I love your Russian stemware and your dishes' shape, so unusual....Christine

  7. This is one of your prettiest tables capes! I am enchanted by the shape of the plate & charger, and your red goblets are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your delicious design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  8. Hey, lady! How are you!? Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such a nice comment! Hey...I LOVE this table with the rectangular chargers and plates! Very creative! You are able to come up with some of the coolest stuff!!! And your food looks so good! I am trying to cut back and lose a little weight, but looking at that makes my mouth water! Stay warm, and have a great weekend!!!

  9. Very elegant table, Chie. Beautiful Russian crystal.

  10. OOh i love your table so much. the rectangular plates are really amazing. I love your centerpiece. It's very romantic and so pretty. The Russian crystal is incredible! A truly lovely table. Thanks for dropping in with your kind comments.

  11. Nice to find you. Thanks for commenting on my blog post. I would love to visit Stockholm. Your Russian crystal was lovely. I liked the clear flatware also. I will continue to read your blog.

  12. I like your tablescape a lot! And those muffins? I would have a hard time resisting them!

  13. I tried to get here earlier, but I have had computer issues for THREE days. UGH.

    I am finally getting to tablescapes, and I really love your red.

    I think the wine and water glasses are absolutely beautiful.


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