Back On Track---hope for good!

I've been very slow on posting lately due to be fighting a very bad cold, that ended up to a severe bronchitis, this was the reason of my long days of silence. Everyone in this house seem not to getting completely over it but some of my inspiration on what or what to post is always there. And I can't help to get inspired by all of you my dear bloggie friends.

Hope you all well after all the very hectic time during the holidays. I really have to visit you all and catch up on YOU and of course, those long weeks not seeing your blogs was a lose. I really am not feeling well those past weeks. Hopefully, cough stops & I can breath easier. Winter sickness...SUCKS!

This was the last time I was out, Jan. 7, looking for a bday present
Sta. Claus was so tired, huh? As well, as me!
What time is it? Wee hour? My sleepless night (coughing)
When I peeped at the window, bambi mum & her kids loittered around!
This was some mobile uploads during Disney On Ice (Stockholm)
On the way for a dinner at my cousin's house, the day b4 I get sick...
It's 4.30pm good folks?
GH carrying our desserts, choco cake and raspberry cheese cake
My jogging track during summer §;-(
On our way home, 02.00 a lil brighter than 4.30pm
My healthy sesam bread, see the shadow?
While my dragonfly napkin ring give us wink & join!
Reminds Valentine's Day? My rice cake in my heart §;-)

Oh yes! I am back and as you can see... this post is like a pottpurri, right? A mix of all things, but I can't help being not bubbly? It's not like me, am I?

Hope you bear with me again, not being prepare of what I intend to post, today/night. I will get better and take more photos, now that days get brighter. Keeping my fingers X that the weather will stay calm.

As always... pls drop by at Tracy to see her player's.

Thank You Tracy for hosting & hope everything's OK around you after all the probs.
God Bless...

I am re-building my site... but I don't know what to start, when I started, everythings, EFF... soweee...

15 kommentarer:

  1. Hope you are much better Chie! I love all your shots but the reindeer going past your window is my favourite.

  2. I, too, hope you're feeling much better, Chie! And how could I not love all your photos? They're delightful and, like Sarah, I do love the reindeer! How delightful! Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


  3. Please stay well, at least for a while! The mix of shadowy pictures is great, starting with Disney - I see Woody and Sebastian the crab on skates. It does get dark early in Sweden, makes us think of Spring and longer days. I like the sesame bread, it looks tasty indeed. Enjoy your week!

  4. Sorry to know you are not feeling well sistah. Hope you feel better soon. Those are some beautiful shadow photos!

  5. Hi Chie! Looks like you caught shadows along with your cold! Hope you are feeling better soon - we love your Disney on Ice shadows...what a show...of shadows that is!

  6. Chie, what I love about your photos is that they ARE a mix of everything! they are all so lovely and give me a fabulous glimpse into your world. happy SSS! and I hope you are completely on the mend now!

  7. I like all the shots looks pretty. Like the rice thing...Happy SSS!

    Mine is here

  8. Of course we remember you silly! I'm so sorry that you've been sick these past weeks. Winter is such an awful time of year for illnesses. I hope you fully recover soon.

    Your photos are wonderful as always!

  9. LOL with Santa...and it was perfect to find his reindeer in the snow too. Loved the photo of the one where the person is carrying stuff indoors at night. That one is super.

    Hard to believe Valentine's Day is near again.


    Hope your weekend has been treating you well.

  10. Skönt att du är frisk och pigg igen, det var en riktig pärs du haft. Idag är det så ljust och fint här, perfekt dag för foto. Hoppas du har samma fina väder.
    Ha det gott

  11. I have been slow visiting..So sorry to read about the sickness..So far we are going along okay..It has been a cold winter so far..Don't you dislike the dark afternoons? We are gaining a little time each day..Feb. will really show the difference. Something about the early darkness..I can't stand it.
    Well, my dear friend..Hope you are feeling much better..Think of you, even though I am not around much..
    Sending love from Maine..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn

  12. chie, good to see you again. I've been meaning to come by and see you. Thank you for the New Year wishes. I hope your 2011 is a good one for you and your family.

    I love how you have reindeer going through your neighborhood!

    Hope you continue to feel better and that you have time to rest.

  13. Hi Chie,

    I'm sorry that you were sick all that time! I feel bad that I didn't check on you; I noticed that you hadn't been posting. I'm glad that you are feeling better now.

    I really like your early morning snow/street photo.

    Welcome back and Happy SSS,


  14. I'm constantly changing my site, guess I'm just restless and need something to do during these long cold winter months...sorry to hear you are sick, speedy recovery friend. I've been very lucky for a couple of years now,now colds or the flu, but I'm not around a lot of sick people, so it's easy to ward off the bugs!

    Hope you enjoyed the cheesecake, I made cheesecake scented candles this morning for the shop...boy does my house smell yummy!!!

    Take care little crazy one, stay away from them bad bugs and have a warm-ish week jogging!!!


  15. Chie, your loving comments on my blog bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for checking in and for all your support. I do hope your bronchitis goes soon and you have your health back. You have a rough time with your health don't you. Stay well my dear friend. A-M xx


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