Winter tidbits @ home on SSS # 42 2010

Nothing special this week-end!

A dull or not a dull day? That's my question that only me who can answer for sure. I started a quite day, lit the woods in the fireplace and had brekky with GH. After, I just had a chillaxing time, then chasing shadows and playing my tablescaping. This is the day I decided not to do anything than to chillax. After an hour & half shovelling the snow in the entrance & the porch last night, when I arrived home from a hectic week . I was really exhausted and got muscle pain. GH is working OT today, nothing new?

Anyways, am not quite sure what to share to you good pepz? I didn't see my pix yet. But not to worry, I will post whatever the outcome of all the shots I intended to share this winter day on a freezing Stockholm.

JUST ENJOY PEEKING... my Friday Life
My backyard nowadays... §:-(
This is the bus station at the back where I take the bus if ever am lazy
Sorry folks! snow here, snow everywhere, wherever you look...
Am hurrying home... am freezin...
The view from my tv room, see the sunshine?
A nice smile from my BR door deco
Thru my kitchen window...
A lil glimpse of the sunray while going down
Thank You Mr. Sunny?
Psssttt... check US out! a wink from my Xmas decos...
Mr. Sunshine passe by at D´Ginger's §;-)
Amaryliss wanna join too! Can U see the "Heart" sign?
ON my mantel... white & doves for Peace & Purity
Mr. Sunshine, shone a lil unto the GH...

WISHING YAH ALL, a happy week-end & the 2nd Advent
Join me to head over to Tracy, tnx!
Press her logo to jump to DownUnder...

Oh yes! I had some cool shots, huh? Hope you enjoyed peeking and hope you're not bored visiting in my bubbly world.

Happy SSS to all... keep warm !

25 kommentarer:

  1. The snow is cold, but pure in its white beauty. The shadows seem yo occur in day and in the night, and all are lovely. So, the shadows in the interior feel warmer than outside. Your advent/Christmas decorations are wonderful!

  2. I love your bubbly world, Chie! I know it is cold, but it is so beautiful!! And you caught some really beautiful shadow shots for the day! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. guys have got a TON of snow already! Loads of great SSs...I especially like the first quite and peaceful.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Fabulous photos..very inspiring..what a beautiful festive post!
    And thanks for visiting me too!

  5. Richie thank you so much for visiting my blog. It seems that we both have lots of snow at this moment in time!
    You have taken some really lovely shots!

  6. But how beautiful it is, the new fallen snow...I can say that cause we only got a dusting...whew!!! But I know I'll not be spared for long, for 3 long months of torture(I have a huge driveway)!

    It's so beautiful when newly fallen, but then soon turns to icky brown mush, coating everything brown and dismal and forlorn...

    IS IT SPRING YET...heck, it isn't even winter yet...I'm depressing myself, better have another glass of wine to calm the doesn't take much for me!

    Stay warm lil' crazy one...AND DON'T GET SICK!!!


  7. Chie - I LOVE it!! "Chilaxin"!!?? What a great word... I think I need that! Loved seeing all of your snow (haven't gotten any on the ground yet...but that's quite all right!!) My favorite shot is the second scene outside of your window...enchanting :)
    Stay warm friend!!

  8. I guess the snow gives you some extra time to appreciate shadows :-) I'd like a bite of that gingerbread house!

  9. Brrrr ang lamig sis, sanay ka na ba sa cold climate. Till now am struggling hahahaha..

    Am glad I learned how to blog, not only I met great bloggers like you, natututo pa akong magbisaya lol.. Bicolana ako sis but since madaming naglileave ng bisaya lingo sa blog ko, natututo na ako..

    Love all your shadow shots!

  10. these are wonderful photos. I'm so happy to have this peek into your world. not only great shadow shots, but everything! I love the white of your world, including your bedroom door. And the light of the street lamp in the snow. amazing photos.

  11. Nice shadows and wintery scenes.

  12. Your home is always so pretty and inviting. Lovely shadows, too.

  13. it always amazes me that you find the most spectacular shadow shots, especially inside!!! i love them! happy shadow shot sunday!


  14. Your snowy shadow shots are so pretty! I especially love the very first one. It made me think of a Christmas card! Try to keep warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  15. Vilken härlig färg på amaryllisen!! Vi har inte heller vart förskonade från snön ,kommer bilder snart,,Vill du vara med i tävling så har jag en nu ..Må gott Chie o ta det lugnt med skottningen,kram kram =)

  16. Chie! What is your new home address?? The parcel came back, returned!!!

    Love your pics!!

  17. Beautiful night shots. The shadows formed are very nice.

  18. Oh my goodness ! Your blog and your home are looking beautiful all decorated like this ! : )
    Yes .. it is hard to capture shadows when everything is WHITE .. you have done a wonderful job though and it really puts one in a festive mood visiting here !
    Joy : )

  19. Här var det fina vinter och julbilder.

  20. What winter beauty. We have not had any snow yet here in Western Arkansas.

    An Arkies Musings

  21. Ser att ni har minst lika mycket snö som vi har här, och det var mycket du fick skotta. Jättekul och titta på dina bilder, för en kort stund känns det som man är i Stockholm. Hoppas du haft en bra helg. Skickar en stor adventskram till dig.

  22. We don't have snow yet..just a light dusting this morning..but it melted..Oh my, it looks like you have a lot there..I tell you, I can't wait for spring..and winter hasn't started yet..
    How are you my dear friend? All your pictures are beautiful, as usual..Happy Advent to you too..
    Sending you love and blessings..

  23. brrrrrr! I'm sure you always get a white Christmas! We had a light dusting that was gone by afternoon. The sun looks so pretty against all the white in your home. Thanks for your sweet visit to my table.

  24. Goodeness much snow..must be freezing there, so keep warm and enjoy more soup lah :)

  25. It does look chilly there! Lots of snow already in early December.

    I winked back at your red Christmas decorations.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fun week seeking shadows!


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