Where R My Sharp Shadow Shots #41

Another week-end, another chasing?

Anyways, I have really a problem chasing my shadows this week days. Stockholm had a very cold snowy days, now adays and of course, very dark. My soon bad digital camera is always of reach, in case sun peep quickly.

But, hey! to whom who leave comments, if ever I didn't visit you back, I apologize but this week I try to cool down with all the "MUST". I will be back...

ARRRGGHHH... here are my few shots... bare with ME...
I was desperated w/out sun, U know what I mean!
Sun was teasing me, right?
First Advent on 28th Nov. at my window @ work
The photos above is my view, overlooking the gheto of Stockholm...BINGO! at last Mr. Sunshine came out for 2 mins, GOT Ya!
When I came home, some of my treasures gave me wink
My avocado is growing, while my Xmas flower awaits to be planted...
What a dull shadow, sowee, folks §;-(
Another dull shot but, just want to share some of my Xmas decorOur guardian angel in here cave watching Us, holding my lil world...
But, Goodie Sta, can't let me down §;-)
My advent ham for my quiche lorrainé tomorrow.
As a family tradition, we gather at my home...
Mini-Me was so good today, making her Ginger cookie House...
Guess, the myth is true! If you eat ginger cookie, U can be a good person.

Hope you have/had a nice week, Thanksgiving Day and whatever you had. Enjoy and always take care, keep warm & look UP.

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18 kommentarer:

  1. Marvelous pictures and shadows! I enjoyed them all! Could feel all the excitement of the approaching holidays! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


  2. LOVE gingerbread, we make a gingerbread candle that will make you swoon...or at least head for the bakery...or knowing you, the excellent cook you are, you'd whip up a batch! You make my tummy growl every time I visit you.

    Do you dislike winter and snow as much as me...we don't have time for the troubles it causes, just trying to get to work is a pain, the cold is a pain...everything is a pain...but it sure is pretty, we don't have any yet, so I'm grateful, but I know it's coming...ARGH!!!!

    Have a warm, sunny Sunday...inside lil friend!


  3. Snow is so brilliant that shadows can result - but it was not nice for the sun to tease you like that! Snow seems to be SO early in the beautiful Stockholm...

    So shadows indoors will do. You home is lovely, the decorations splendid and what a ham! Have a nice week!

  4. You always have fun shadow shots sis, ingat lagi.

    My shadow shots

  5. Hi! Hope you are having a good weekend!!! The sun can really play tricks on you, can't it!?? I've never been to Sweden, but you make it look so inviting! "Mini Me's" gingerbread house looks fantastic!

  6. Lovely decors! I love those candle holders! Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  7. Considering your lack of sunshine you've done really well in capturing some nice shadows! And I love that gingerbread house! Yum! I hope you have a super week ahead :)

  8. OH....we LOVE your Christmas decorations Chie! That is something we hope to get up this week! The gingerbread house is adorable....it would never make it here - the kiddos would have it gone befoe the last gumdrop was put on - ha ha ha!!!

  9. you managed to get some great shots despite your lack of sun...you true shadow chaser you!!!
    have a great week ahead...hope the sun finds you along the way.

  10. Wow! All that snow already! It looks beautiful.

    I'm glad you were able to find some shadow shots. They are lovely.

    Happy Shadow Shot Sunday and a blessed first Advent to you, too.

    Paz xox

  11. Loved a peak into your world...shadows and sun alike! I enjoyed watching you get ready for the coming holiday. Thank you for sharing them. Cherry Kay

  12. Your pics are so lovely...

    Especially the ones on the table and the gingerbread...I know I'm already feeling the holidays:)


    Chasing shadows here and there,
    Chasing shadows everywhere;
    Chasing shadows in the park;
    Chasing shadows long past dark;
    Chasing shadows through the light;
    Chasing shadows day and night—
    Shadow-chaser, don’t you see?
    Shadows were just meant to be!

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow Prayers

  14. Nu får man ta tillvara soldagarna, det värsta är ju att man är på jobbet. När jag kommer hem är det kolsvart. Men du har lyckats få fina skuggor på dina foton. Och vilken vacker blomgrupp, och tomtefar var mysig. Alltid kul och se dina bilder.
    Ha det gott

  15. Very beautiful photos and lovely soft shadows.

  16. Beautiful pictures... I am your newest FOLLOWER... I'm looking forward to your posts from Sweden, that will be so much fun! I LOVE gingerbread and your house is TOO CUTE! I always say I'm going to make one BUT it always ends up as COOKIES instead... I would LOVE to have you FOLLOW me too...
    Hugs to you, Donna

  17. Your shadow shots turned out beautifully! And I love how festive everything looks! While you are growing an avocado plant, I've added a little lemon tree to our collection.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my SS!

    - Square Peg Guy.

  18. These are all beautiful shadows. I can imagine how cold it is there now. We are almost summer here and the days are getting warmer. But today is quite different for it is wet and a little bit cold. I planted avocados too and they are growing really well. Every winter tabunan nako para dili mamatay sa frost.

    Thanks for your visit.


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