A MUM/DOT Day on my SS #37

Sigh... I wasn't there to join!!!

Of course, I wasn't be able to joined the last week-end SSS due to a cozy moments with a gorgeous mini-Chie, the whole week-end.

It's been awhile that we didn't had our time. I was so sad thinking of her growing soo fast & I was afraid, she'll say "Bye for now, Mum"! We always had a day or two together, just giggling & roamed around town, shopping, visit coffee bars she love. I really missed those days.

I was always on the go, too busy for work and forgot that I have responsibility that need me most. I don't know where to start. Work needs me & I need work to survive, however, my kids & family needs me too? Life will always remain a gamble, with prizes sometimes for the imprudent, and blanks so often to the wise. The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

Ha! stood still after ironing..
Chair crown or my crown? Luv It!
I bid g´bye & close the main door...
Alley on the way to Radisson SAS Hotel in Solna, Stockholm
To the parking lot...
Do she looks happy? Hotel Spa Sturebadet...
A happy mum to be with her mini-me...
HA! got yah! on the way to SPA
This catches my eyes at the entrance of the SPA
Time is precious...together
Liz started to dancing when she was 3 yrs old...
Streching is a must b4 heading to???
ha ha... am only thinking of a yummy stuffs?
Liz is happy too & followed me up there...
Is this our lunch? Wine starter!!! LOL
A love vase makes our lunch more palatable...
Now, leaving the SPA towards...
A warm HOME sweet home... awaits D`Nics

Hope you could hang on, on my babbly day with me again. The only ways I express my feelings to the dear treasure, we have...

"There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in the dinner, the sweets come last" R. Stevesson

Happy SSS, good Friends!
head over to Tracy too, k?

12 kommentarer:

  1. Quite a collection of shadow shots! And they are terrific! Love the young ballerina's shadows! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. You have such a fun way with narrating your photos of your day. I love the "crown" comment about the chair.

    Happy shadow shot sunday to you and your family.

  3. Your ‘mini-me’ is beautiful - no doubt from her mum! I don’t ever think that we stop being parents, no matter how much they grow up. I see this with our 21 year old college graduate and 19 year old student. We think still of when they were little...you two had a fun day it seems!

  4. The alley shot is beautiful. Looks like great exercise!

  5. If I can't have warm weather and palm trees and margaritas...then take me to the spa...ahhhh...what a wonderful day trip you girls had, fun to be with daughter, they grow up so fast!

    It's always so much fun to travel your country with you and your bubbly way, you are the sweetest...qwazy but adorable!

    Have fun always!!!

  6. Wonderful collection! Your ballerina looks so agile and lovely. It's good to spend time with her while you can. :)

  7. You have a beautiful daughter Chie, pati sa spa may shadows hehehe.. Blogger ka talaga, mwah!

    Gorgeous shadow shot!

    Elephant Ears' Shadows

  8. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. It looks like you lovely ladies had a beautiful time together! You certainly captured some gorgeous photos along the way! Have a great week :)

  9. Din dotter är ju en ballerina, så fina bilder du tagit på henne. Alltid roligt och följa dig ute i storstaden. Imorgon åker jag till Göteborg på kurs, då kommer jag till storstan också. Roligt att du är med i min utlottning, dina lotter ligger i lådan.
    Varm kram

  10. The shadow hunters
    implore, “Give us light, give us
    eyes to see—and more!”

    SSS: Antlers

  11. Fab sSS as usual :) and anytime is a great time for spa! I've not been to one for the longest time! I spend loads of time with mini-me here too :)

  12. I love the first shot of the iron...really sharp shadow! What a fun day you had:)


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