A European Father's Day on my SSS #40

Late as usual!!!

But sayings says "Better late than Never", so here I am joining "hey harriet's" meme during week-ends.

As usual, as I said a bit busy both work and home. At work, we have a job rotation to learn each others tasks and I tell you that it's really complicated, although I worked those tasks for ages ago. Anyways, too much at work and our Germany branch got a problem and this was the 2nd week of hanging loose in our system. And at home? an unending projects that I have to be the helping hand of GH.

Last Sunday, was the European Father's Day and I & mini-me made a surprise dinner for the MOTH (man of the house), while he was working OT (overtime).

Here we ARE during GH (great hubby) DAY...
I went out for a jogged to the gym in the vicinity, B4 preparing
Oppss... cath yah! On the way to gym...
While doing my cross-trainer, I spotted this & jumped out to take a shot
A gift for the MOTH
While planning the dessert...hmmm...
The entrée, green sallad & we had prosciutto with cream cheese
Salmon w/ white gravy (own recipe) as main course...
GH cake, peacock for eternity & dove for peace...
Our sparkling lives
Cheers GH on your day!
Hope You all have an enjoyable Sunday...
Greetings from D´Nics

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16 kommentarer:

  1. Girl, every time I sail over to Stockholm to visit you, I get that warm fuzzy feeling, girl, you are a gem and I'm sure your family would agree, you live life to the fullest every day, good or bad...you are a ray of sunshine...and we could sure use a bit of it here in Iowa, cloudy, bleak and cold in my neck of the woods. BUT...one day closer to Spring...LOL!

    But after gazing upon your wonderful dinner, I'm hungry for some breakfast...could you ship some ASAP...ha...see ya next week lil' friend!


  2. Hör att du har det körigt på jobbet, verkar vara väldigt mycket och lära sig. Fint firande hade ni på fars dag, han ser nöjd ut mannen. Så god mat du bjöd på.
    Ha en fin vecka vännen

  3. Prosciutto, cream cheese, salmon and cake – these are the recipe for a fine day for your (deserving) hubby. You have provided a wonderful day for the MOTH!

  4. Lovely shots-especially of ;the food you prepared and the tablescapes! I didn't know about the peacock and dove combo, but I love the concept. Now I wonder if I can find a peacock decoration?

  5. You have a very lucky husband! )

  6. Hello sistah, despite of your hectic sched madami ka pa ding pics taken hehehe.

    Ingat lagi.

  7. The food looks yummy! ...and great family photo. love it!

  8. Wow what a meal...and a sweet family shot!

  9. Oh that's so sweet! What a gorgeous looking celebration for your MOTH! MOTH made me laugh! And I must say, the food looked as delicious as always! I hope you have a lovely week ahead :)

  10. Wow, some beautiful shadow shots there! And your food is fabulous.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for commenting. Visitors are always welcome, especially those who take the time to comment. I appreciate it.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. Oh My goodness this was too perfect !
    A belated Happy day as well : )
    I would love to be there for one of your dinners it looked absolutely delicious !! ... maybe you could mail me some of that desert ?? hehehe
    Thanks for stopping by my blog .. I have been tweaking it a bit with a name change .. little details have to be reset again but I know you are ear deep in that sort of thing with work.
    So thanks again for stopping by and this post was scrumptious !!

  12. What a wonderful celebration! We are busy preparing for Thanksgiving here in the USA. Your photographs are beautiful. I especially like the one you titled: Our Sparkly Lives.


  13. You chose a very good way to honor MOTH for Father's Day. The cake looks delicious! I really like your shining tablescape, it is beautiful.

    Thanks for dropping in!

  14. you really fixed up a lovely celebration for your husband. So cute how you came up with the acronym "moth."

    Hope you have a lovely week and enjoy the gym!

  15. What a great selection of food...mmmm...we mean shadows!! You always put a bright spot in our day chie!! Enjoy the rest of your week :)
    Karla & Karrie

  16. Interesting variety of shadow shots. I really like your Father's Day photos in this and your later post. Your table settings always look so attractive.


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