Another SSS Day around & About, ENJOYING

YES... I do enjoyed joining my fam for an Explore

Remember, my last post? I was with my mini-me when her midterm-holiday just started? It was fun in a 2 man hand.

But? what do you think of a 3 man hand, then? Ah... isn't it crowded? Well, not if you just enjoy and let go whatever you meet on your way. So here our moments when mini-me's midterm-holiday ended last week-end. Check it out!

So, here we are in our City Exploration...

This was the scene under the bridge where our car passed by
Evening shopping! Wanna join? My fave shop...
My heaven on earth...
Wild West came to Stockholm & posed for me for my SS
Bern's Hotel Bar, morning after
Here is the cozy corner. I saw the sun rays & run to take this shot
D´Nics in their breakfast
See those historical crystals chandeliers? It was hung there since 1817
Under them, is the breakfast area, while me & Liz roamed around
Oh yea! she was here in this concert last night, her fave group
After breakfast, we went to church to pay respect for All Saint's Day
Swedish way...
Another posed in the church entrace
Infront of the catholic church is the Kingsgarden where U can enjoy
Skating in a very beautiful day...
While the Japanese Cherry Trees are hybernating...
Monster Jam is having a show in Ericsson Globe (today 13th Nov)
Now, she persuade me to go shopping, where I said "Let's go"!
Taken at the Swedish church in the evening, to pay respect for the dead.
Liz lit her candles & prayers to her grandma (GH mum) & my dad
The cemetery lights was gorgeous with the sunset, heading to met
mother-in-law's sister for a dinner...
And enjoy our time...
Hugs from DNics...

To see the worldwide players, head over to Tracy, k?

17 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Chie,
    I loved your shadowy tour around Stockholm. The hotel looks very posh-love the chandeliers. I am glad you and your family had a good time!

  2. Stockholm is a lovely city! I noticed that the traffic you saw from the train looks like the USA with all those cars...

    You and Mini had a fun time, having fun with your family is fun, and you have the pictures to prove it!

  3. Lovely family you have sister, did you try to skate?

    My entries can be found at the following blogs, hope you can visit. Thanks in advance.

    Spice Up Your Life
    Nostalgic Marveling

  4. Wonderful shadows you found! My favorite is the church with the cross and it's shadows.

  5. I love all the shots, especially the last one. ;-)

    Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!


  6. That was so fun! Thanks for the tour! Loved the ice skating! And the last family photo is gorgeous! Have a great week :)

  7. Thank you for your visit to my blog.
    These are cool shots of your tour around. You have a lovely weekend, and the week to follow.:)

  8. Hallå där.
    Så det är du varit hihi.
    Längtar till Stockholm när jag ser dina bilder.
    Det är världens vackraste huvudstad tycker jag.
    Kungsträdgården är ju bara helt underbar med sin skridskobana.

    Hoppas att allt är bra med er.
    Ser ju att ni hade det gott på hotellet.
    Hälsa familjen så gott.
    Kram från nabolandet.

  9. Beautiful shadow tour ~ thanks for sharing!

  10. What a fun shopping and touring trip I had with your family, you guys always have the best times together. What a beautiful old hotel, makes you want to stay a little longer huh!

    Winter looks as if it's creeping closer to your doorstep too, unusually warm weather for us, but I think it's short lived, they say maybe snow on Wednesday...boy that sent a shiver up my spine, but we sure know what's in store for us, it always is this time of year, but Mother Nature could sure throw us a bone once in a while...right!

    Have a wonderful sunny Sunday lil' qwazy fwiend...see ya next week!


  11. Great capture!! And oh yes would love to come and join you in shopping spree!! Happy Sunday beautiful!!
    Shadow Shot Sunday

  12. Another fun filled day...with lots of lovely shadows!

  13. You have shared so many shadows! I love the one of the church in the evening. Very pretty!

  14. Looks like you had a fun time exploring the city

    An Arkies Musings

  15. Hi Chie
    Great photo tour .. as usual
    Looks like fantastic trip.

  16. Thanks for sharing pictures of a beautiful city and a lovely family

  17. such lovely shadows abound everywhere...thanks for sharing.


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