A 2nd Time @ Lady Marty TTT & TS joins too

Hello, Beautiful Ladies!

I am so happy to join at Lady Marty's game on her table top every Tuesday. Hope you enjoy the first Advent. Yuletide 2010 is just on the air... 3 more weeks...then voilá!

Anyhow, I would share my "SweFil tradition", what I called "Modification Style" a mismatch of everything.
A lil bit bubly but I like it, because, there is no MUST word in here.

A homemade ginger cookies
Alcohol Mulled wine set with platter & Christmas spoons
A non-alcohol mulled wine set, vintage teaspoon & crystal plates
Silver champagne set & Orrefors wine decanter, for deco sake
Ginger cookie house made by my daughter Liz & with my help
Vintage crystal cake stand with Christmas balls & crystal bowls with goodies
Mulled wine ready to boil and then.....
Warm up in its place...
Saffron buns with raisins...
Advent's table consist of yummy stuffs:
Far left: cinnamon cake (my recipe)
White choco cake, 3 kinds of cheese for ginger cookies
Christmas Pie (made from ham, my recipe)
Saffron pannacotta.
P.S. If you would like to have the recipes, pls feel free to pm me
A simple Advent wreath @ D´Nics...
Wishes you All a BLESSED ADVENT & YULETIDE 2010
Don't forget to head over to Marty @
And of course @ Susan
Hope you have an overview on how my 2 world celebrates the 2 traditions, that ended in a mismatch tradition, which I think, it's cool... A modified style!

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  1. What a clever idea to use a heart to make a Santa Cookie. My grandchildren are going to love to make these.

  2. How pretty, I like your silver dishes - your food looks so delicious.

  3. Lovely and yummie adventparty you had. That gingercockie-house is so nice. Hope you are fine Chie. Kram Katta

  4. ah...me want to be there too, all those food are making me dizzy, lapar la :)

  5. Adorable decoration, you are very creative and your blog is beautiful!The header is outstanding!
    *** thanks for you kind visit in Bonjour Luxembourg,

  6. Thank you for stopping by Grits and Glamour. I love, love your mulled wine cups and stir sticks. I am a huge mulled wine fan ever since we lived in Belgium for 3 years. I miss Europe during Christmas. :( Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Holiday. ~barb

  7. The decors are beautiful! And the food looks delicious! Have a lovely holiday, Kellie xx

  8. Love the display-and the red and white colors. Great gingerbread house! http://dobermans-by-the-sea.blogspot.com

  9. This all looks so pretty, yummy, and cozy! Cute cookies! I bet your house smells so nice with the spiced wine and cookies!

    Nice job!


  10. Ooooh, hold off putting the mulled wine on the heat...wait for me, I'm a-coming over!!

    It all looks so beautifully festive. I'd love to be there!


  11. It all looks wonderful-and good to eat too!

  12. It's beautiful and looks so yummy too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. ~Alana~

  13. HI!!!
    So glad you popped over and said HELLO!!!Marty is a dear friend of mine!!!We both live in the same state, about 60 miles apart, but we see each other at least 2 times per year!!!
    your table is set so nicely!!!Loved all the baked goodies!!!
    have a Blessed day,

  14. Everything looks just wonderful!!!
    I'm a huge mulled wine fan, and they way you have yours set out makes me wish I were there at your place.

    But without your weather, LOL.

  15. Hello Ritchie,
    or should I say: Mrs. Chubby and Chieque? LOL
    You offered a gorgeous Advent buffet and I would love to try a bit from everything. All looks so delicious. But I feel, the mulled wine makes me red ears. You have such a nice wine set with Poinsettia. Looks really nice.
    Have a good Christmas time,
    Greetings, Johanna

  16. Oh my, your cookies, the gingerbread house and the mulled cider all look so yummy and fabulous. I wish I was there to enjoy them with you.
    Thank you so much for your precious thoughts and prayers for my family. You will never know how much this has Blessed me. Thank you. Hugs, Marty

  17. P.S. I am so happy that your package arrived. I really do hope that you enjoy your stands. I can't wait to see them in use. Hugs, Marty

  18. Looks like you had a beautiful celebration! Your gingerbread house is really cute:@)

  19. That Santa cookie is soooo cute!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

    Take care,


  20. Everything looks beautiful.
    Love the gingerbread house. Yall did a great job, and your yuletide wreath is so pretty too.
    Looks like a fun party to me.

    Blessings, Nellie

  21. Wow! You have so many beautiful things! I love the cups and stir sticks and the ginger cookies look yummy! Thanks for visiting Beneath The Big Oak and Happy Tablescape Thursday!

  22. Have a blessed Advent! What a way to welcome the season. Yum!... Christine

  23. Hi lovely lady. I love all the Beautiful idea you have for the Christmas Holidays ~~~ You have a Great eye for the lovely things in your home. You have a Great Day and Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescapes sweet lady.

  24. I love those mulled wine sets, Chie!

  25. I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your beautiful Christmas preparations as well as your massive snowfalls! All the wonderful shades of white make my heart sing. I just love your mantle!!

  26. really enjoyed your decor. It's an inspiration. Love your birdcage table.


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