A 2nd Time @ Lady Marty TTT & TS joins too

Hello, Beautiful Ladies!

I am so happy to join at Lady Marty's game on her table top every Tuesday. Hope you enjoy the first Advent. Yuletide 2010 is just on the air... 3 more weeks...then voilá!

Anyhow, I would share my "SweFil tradition", what I called "Modification Style" a mismatch of everything.
A lil bit bubly but I like it, because, there is no MUST word in here.

A homemade ginger cookies
Alcohol Mulled wine set with platter & Christmas spoons
A non-alcohol mulled wine set, vintage teaspoon & crystal plates
Silver champagne set & Orrefors wine decanter, for deco sake
Ginger cookie house made by my daughter Liz & with my help
Vintage crystal cake stand with Christmas balls & crystal bowls with goodies
Mulled wine ready to boil and then.....
Warm up in its place...
Saffron buns with raisins...
Advent's table consist of yummy stuffs:
Far left: cinnamon cake (my recipe)
White choco cake, 3 kinds of cheese for ginger cookies
Christmas Pie (made from ham, my recipe)
Saffron pannacotta.
P.S. If you would like to have the recipes, pls feel free to pm me
A simple Advent wreath @ D´Nics...
Wishes you All a BLESSED ADVENT & YULETIDE 2010
Don't forget to head over to Marty @
And of course @ Susan
Hope you have an overview on how my 2 world celebrates the 2 traditions, that ended in a mismatch tradition, which I think, it's cool... A modified style!

Where R My Sharp Shadow Shots #41

Another week-end, another chasing?

Anyways, I have really a problem chasing my shadows this week days. Stockholm had a very cold snowy days, now adays and of course, very dark. My soon bad digital camera is always of reach, in case sun peep quickly.

But, hey! to whom who leave comments, if ever I didn't visit you back, I apologize but this week I try to cool down with all the "MUST". I will be back...

ARRRGGHHH... here are my few shots... bare with ME...
I was desperated w/out sun, U know what I mean!
Sun was teasing me, right?
First Advent on 28th Nov. at my window @ work
The photos above is my view, overlooking the gheto of Stockholm...BINGO! at last Mr. Sunshine came out for 2 mins, GOT Ya!
When I came home, some of my treasures gave me wink
My avocado is growing, while my Xmas flower awaits to be planted...
What a dull shadow, sowee, folks §;-(
Another dull shot but, just want to share some of my Xmas decorOur guardian angel in here cave watching Us, holding my lil world...
But, Goodie Sta, can't let me down §;-)
My advent ham for my quiche lorrainé tomorrow.
As a family tradition, we gather at my home...
Mini-Me was so good today, making her Ginger cookie House...
Guess, the myth is true! If you eat ginger cookie, U can be a good person.

Hope you have/had a nice week, Thanksgiving Day and whatever you had. Enjoy and always take care, keep warm & look UP.

And don't 4get to drop by at TRACY

Joining Lady Marty

Ha! First time...

I was really eager to join Lady Marty with her meme every Tuesday quite awhile now, but there are so many hindrances on the way.

Anyway, as this is my first time, I don't really quite sure what to share & show to her avid participants. Hmmm... a girl from nowhere, joining this meme?" dóh!!!" my family said. Do you think they peep in, in your post? I said, "no worries, this is just a game. A true blogger visits everyone who visits her". Well, as what I read about the information of blogging rules.

Whatevah!!! I give my best shots, then! So here are my first shots for today...
Preparing for MOTH (man of the house) Father's Day
This dishes are an 85 yrs old treasures given by my MIL
Sweethearts (dove for peace & peacock for eternity)
A 24 carat plated dessert set was a gift from Abu Dhabi
Modified candle holders to fit the theme of the day...
French Luminarc water glass accompanied by Orrefors crystal wine glass
Table napkin is match with the tablecloth, also from Abu Dhabi
With golden thread that embroidered around

After celebrating the European Father's Day last week-end, I have to rush to change the decos and get ready for the Swedish tradition.

It happens that me, my cousins & their families gathered at home during first Sunday b4 Christmas Day, they call it First Advent. So, on November 28th, everybody will come and gather in my crib and of course, I will make the Swedish mulled wine. This year is with a taste of safron.

Red for mulled wine with alcohol & non-alcoholic for the white set
A simple centerpiece planned...
The motiffs: red, white & silver in the kitchen...
These are the mulled wines, left from 2005
Middle is non-alcoholic to those who drive
Third is 2010 with a taste of safron
Cloché with Christmas decos..

for sharing your great ideas & giving me the inspiration.
You know what I mean and I do appreciate and mean it.

A European Father's Day on my SSS #40

Late as usual!!!

But sayings says "Better late than Never", so here I am joining "hey harriet's" meme during week-ends.

As usual, as I said a bit busy both work and home. At work, we have a job rotation to learn each others tasks and I tell you that it's really complicated, although I worked those tasks for ages ago. Anyways, too much at work and our Germany branch got a problem and this was the 2nd week of hanging loose in our system. And at home? an unending projects that I have to be the helping hand of GH.

Last Sunday, was the European Father's Day and I & mini-me made a surprise dinner for the MOTH (man of the house), while he was working OT (overtime).

Here we ARE during GH (great hubby) DAY...
I went out for a jogged to the gym in the vicinity, B4 preparing
Oppss... cath yah! On the way to gym...
While doing my cross-trainer, I spotted this & jumped out to take a shot
A gift for the MOTH
While planning the dessert...hmmm...
The entrée, green sallad & we had prosciutto with cream cheese
Salmon w/ white gravy (own recipe) as main course...
GH cake, peacock for eternity & dove for peace...
Our sparkling lives
Cheers GH on your day!
Hope You all have an enjoyable Sunday...
Greetings from D´Nics

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