Chilly but Wonderful Sunny SSS #29

Nothing can be so pretty than Fall Season...

Right! It's bright in the mornings, temp starts to fall to -0deg & a lil frosty. Then, middle of the day, it's a bit warm. When, you look around, fall colour meets our eyes and that makes me feel so warmth. Fall colour combo, FANTASTIQUE!

As I got an early influenza, I stayed at home for a week. Fever is been going up & down. You know when times like this, everybody have colds. I sounded like, I had a huge concert at the Top of the Rock... ha ha ha... my voice is totally, nada--- kaput---kutoweka (swahili), sparixxew (maltesh) & diflanu (wales). I had it back yesterday & am feeling better & healing well but still don't feel to entertain, §;-)

Anyways, just browse & check my random shots around...
First of all, I just want to say "Welcome" to my simple place?
And, this was the scene I met in my kitchen, orchids thru curtain..
While preparing my oatmeal & my homemade apple sauce,
Wow! they want to join my game here too?...
And, LOOK! isn't this gorgeous? My way out to the open porch!
Arrgghh... my gazebo is a skeleton, redo to hide from winter...
Waaah... so happy I see them everywhere...
Feels am crazy, I run of happiness to see this one...AUTUMN!
I guess, am freezing now, so I went up but got down again...
ut, ssshhh!!! my rubberboots want to join too!

It's funny today, as I am alone home as GH is gone fishing the whole long week-end with his good mates up north of Stockholm. So, I planned to walk just around the vicinity, 2 reasons? Shadows & fresh air.
But, hey! GH can't resist to send his shot from his Sony Ericsson Android, taken in the middle of the Baltic Sea... "TY GH for joining me in spirit..."
This is what I have now, tea with lil daughter, son & his gf...
Can U see what your LOOKING for? Tell me?

If you see that my lounge is a bit tupsy-turvy? the reason is... we're still re-furnishing it but as you know, GH run away for a long week-end, so, I have to wait another week to put the so called "Contemporary Style" in here. Minimalist + Hoarder = ??? You wait and see the outcome. I am not sure as of yet. Exciting? Interesting? in sense that we have different taste of style. COME WHAT MAY! If he wins am happy for the peace sake of the family §;-)

Now, don't forget to head over to: TRACY, k?
@ "hey harriet"
If you want to see the coolest SS shotter's of the Universe, §:-)

Experience is how life catches up with us and teaches us to love and forgive each other.

20 kommentarer:

  1. What fun, lovely shadow shots, Chie! Really delightful and Fall is definitely putting in an appearance! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


  2. Goodness, you always contribute so much - and you're not well! Wonderful shots - take care - honey and lemon are soothing and lots of rest and NO talking . . .

  3. Hi Chie! Thanks for visiting! I have not managed shadow shot Sunday for a couple of weeks and have missed you! I love your shots this week-especially LOVE, and the grassy one too. I hope your flu is gonoe now and you have a good rest of the weekend!
    Sarah x

  4. The look of love is all around, not just the letter shadows...Homemade applesauce? I love that, and I am sure that it helped in making you better. Your home is lovely, I guess that the minimalist look accents all well. It may be getting colder where you are, but hour home is warm and inviting...

  5. great shadow shots...the cold of fall is best looked at from inside the warm your photos...thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh look at your beautiful fall blog! I love it ... it's so pretty. Sorry that you have been unwell Chie. I am constantly crook with respiratory bugs too... makes life hard sometimes...just got to stay positive! A-M xx

  7. I love the orchids through the curtains and the Love shadow! Thanks for welcoming us into your home….

  8. Beautiful set of shadows. It is getting cold here in Indiana, too.

    I do hope you are feeling better!

  9. You always have beautiful shadow photos Kabayan. Naintriga ako dun sa "naiwan" mo lol.. Thans for the visit, ingat lagi!

  10. Beautiful shots and amazing variety.

  11. So I take it that you really like Autumn? Hey I LOVE your love shadow shot! Awesome! I hope you enjoy weekend of 'alone time' without hubby! Such a fun post!

  12. We must have very similar weather patterns, warmish in the afternoon, but down to frost levels in the evening. All the birds have vacated the area, down to Florida I guess, which is where I should be...ha!

    Hope you're feeling better, I haven't had a cold or flu in 3 years, but I tend to stay away from other people, so I don't snag their germs...a recluse lives healthier...not as much drama either...ha!

    What a beautiful shot of that brilliant blue sea, a guy just has to get away sometimes, as long as he brings home the bounty, it's a good thing!

    Have a great week ahead, take care of yourself!


  13. The curtain shadow shot is great. And also the flower and apple bouquet. Just lovely!

  14. glad you are starting to feel better...this is a fantastic collection of shadow photos! Love, the LOVE shadow!

  15. Lots of lovely SSs! I really love your husbands reflective shot...very nice.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. Ser att hösten har kommit till Stockholm, fina bilder som vanligt hos dig. Jag har blivit bättre, har jobbat idag. Hoppas det har vänt så du mår bättre också, kanske fick du medicin hos doktorn.
    Ha det bra och var rädd om dig

  17. You have a very lovely home and garden. Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  18. Hej.
    Hoppas att du är bättre nu.Krya på dig.
    Jättefina bilder du visar.
    Ha en fin dag.
    Kram Zara.

  19. herlige bilder!!
    Takk for pakke i posten ;) Skal se om det ikke kommer noe tilbake en dag.....

  20. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I especially love the shots of your kitchen counter full of fall goodness and your boots.


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