A busy DAY SS#34 over D´Nics

It's not really funny!

Absolutely not funny, when cold autumn days & nights come. Oh ya... am late again, right? but here I am struggling our home projects b4 winter/snow comes.

Anyways, my Saturday was full of projects done!!!
´was an early morning to prepare b4 our handyman to come
Seen this in our TV room...
Spotted in the other side of the lounge...
Hope you won't get bored with my shots around.

On the way to Spa area, my cuties wanna join in my buzy---ness...
C´mon! let's peep the handyman & GH carrying the "thing"
HA! what you call this one? It's translated as: "air-water heat pump"
HELP! my entrance way is TUPSY-TURVY, arrgghh...
More projects to be done, soonest...HA! gravel & sand was gone...
That "thing" inside is connected in this "thing", to lessen our electricity consumption
Our house, chimney & TV dish are stuck at our neighbour's house
Cyrstal candle holder, WELCOME YOU ALL... @ D´Nics

Hope everyone had/have another enjoyable week-end. Another week is waiting for another challenge & another surprises that we need to tackle this upcoming week.

But b4 you leave me, don't ever forget to peek at Tracy, OK?
Just press the "logo" & your in...


5 kommentarer:

  1. Skönt att du är frisk nu, och allt är som vanligt. Utom att ni håller på med mycket runt huset, kommer säkert och dra ner elförbrukningen med den pumpen. Här är alla möbler på plats efter renoveringen, känns bra nu med nya slipade golv.
    Ha en fin vecka vännen

  2. Hey Miss Busybody, you and Mr. Busybody are really getting things done!

    I love the Asian feel to your decorating, something about it has always fascinated me, it shows you have a real flair for life and for family, I love the way you two work together, what a wonderful husband he must be.

    Yes, Autumn is creeping ever so near, but it doesn't bother us huh...we just keep on with our projects, cause we is QUAZY, right!!!

    Have a wonderful week Miss Thang and try to stay out of trouble...OK!!!


  3. As usual..all fun sss and you always deliver a whole load of sss for all of us. Here, we are starting to feel the monsoon rain and I read about typhoon Meri (i think) hitting Phillipines and China soon :( Hope everything is good....

  4. What happened to your entrance? Seems like a strong wind comes your way :)

  5. hello little miss chie
    t seems like ages to I was not on your blog... just really really busy and running around.... But now it is Fall and we will stay in a bit more again ;)


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