And Lifes Continues...on my SS #32

Now, fall is really here at D`Nics

Absolutely, autumn now. We are a bit busy with the lounge redo (finished sort of), I just need a lounge armchair, round table, a floor-lamp & table lamp, when my orders come, then everything's perfect. I am cool, although GH won most of the stuff. Peace over Stockholm.

Yesterday, Friday, the gravel & sand came and in my dismay, GH ordered the whole bloody lory! Dumped infront the garage & again, almost a thousand dollars poorer...

A quite sunny Saturday welcome me this morning with laughter & happy faces. Hope you have the same too. You will know through my photos below...

Here's my day @ D´Nics...
Kitchen met me a sunny day, coffee awaits the Lady of the house (LOTH)
While my table awaits me with this. Can you see what we're looking for?
Fall vignette & a new bake apple pie say "G´day, Lady"?
More kitchen vignette shouted, they wanted to join my game! §;-)
When I came out to our lounge, my hidden treasures invites a nice day...
Oh yah! here it goes! 5 cubic sand & gravel. GH project...
GH colleague came to rescue/help him with his project, TY Lars!
And GH was busy to finish this project b4 winter come, show U later...
I went around the backyard & I saw that it's soon hibernating...
Outdoor kitchen, raspberries & rhubarb are to hibernated, R they?
When dinner come, my homemade Wallenberg burger w/ chantarelle sauce, green mix sallad & homemade mash potatoes, very Swedish
Where a happy family prays together, eats together. Do they look one? §;-)
SOME BITS & PIECES OF OUR LOUNGE, nothing really special?
Setting area, very simple...
My throne, infront of a fireplace...
Buffe table (sort of) here are my Capo di Monti from Italy...

That's all for now good friends? Hope you're enjoying your tour at my very simple abode but am proud to call it my OWN.

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Enjoy life to the full & always thankful whatever you encounter today & tomorrow.

21 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us, Chie! Delightful! And with lovely shadows as well! Hope you have a great week ahead!


  2. I love your home! The lounge seems to come together nicely. I must say as someone who dabbles in cooking, your kitchen is superb! Stylish and with everything nearby, cooking creativity is easy. The last part about happiness is a family that prays and eats together is teue!

  3. I am always jealous of the wonderful baked sweets you have! And you really know how to make burger steaks look healthy:) Have a good weekend.

  4. You always manage to capture the most wonderful shadow shots around your lovely home. Happy SSS!

    Paz xoxox

  5. Godmorgon.
    Hoppas du är frisk nu, ser att ni har mycket på gång hos dig. Det var en rejäl sandhög och kratta ut, smakar nog jättegott med wallenbergare efter det dagsverket. Wallenbergare med mos är en av mina absoluta matfavoriter.
    Ha en fin söndag

  6. thankyou for your little tour of your home

  7. Great photos as always! And that food! I really need to learn to avoid your blog until AFTER I've eaten! Now I'm super hungry and must go raid my fridge!

    Hope you have a fab week ahead :)

  8. I so enjoyed my visit to your home today, great shadow captures.

  9. Great shots. I'm buying one of those muffins stand, it's a must!

  10. Tons of great shadows! You must get a LOT of sun! :)

  11. the colors of your sofa for your lounge...and your throne - ha!! it is perfect!
    Love your shadows around your enjoy the week ahead our friend!
    Karla & Karrie

  12. What a lovely array of photos! Great shadows for the week!

  13. Now that's a pile of's always so much fun to come play at your house, you have the most bubbly charm, I feel like I'm always invited to lunch or breakfast or sharing a walk with you in your neighborhood.

    You are a dear sweet lady that I'm proud to say I know and soooo enjoy coming and seeing all of your new projects and ventures, your lounge looks so totally relaxing, love the wallpaper and your thrown so strategically placed by the fire, unfortunately that will be lit all too soon...argh...winter!!!

    Enjoy your beautiful Autumn Chie while it lasts and let's hope it lasts a bunch!!!


  14. Oh I love your style. You have a beautiful home and garden. Thanks for stopping by at my shadows! Enjoy autumn...

  15. Interesting post. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Your Australian connection is quite interesting. Hope you have a great trip when you visit Australia. I'm sure things have changed a lot since the 1980s.

  16. Very nice tour around your home, thank you. Also thanks for your visit.

  17. Wow, you make me hungry. Love to have that muffin with a cuppa. Your shadows are all fantastic. You have a lovely house.
    We are on our second month of Spring and the days are getting warmer. I can't wait to laze in the beach on summer time

  18. You did a fantastic job thanks for sharing with us all your goodies.

  19. What a lovely home. Just love those muffins and their stand.
    And thank you for visiting me.
    Blessings for South Africa

  20. You have a lovely home..Chie. The lounge looks so comfy!

    Happy shadow seeking! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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