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What is Wednesday without TS, gorgeous people?

I am a bit tied up with my mid-week activities plus my household chores, but, hey! am lovin´it!!! I & GH (great hubby) met an interior designer to discuss some tips & advices how our lounge will be & look like. It was a cool meeting. Hmmm... shall we go back to the basic furniture? Well, unexpensive + basic but it always work.

As me & GH have different in taste when it comes to designs, we have to compromise that the lounge will be more contemporary instead of my Jeanne D´Arc or Danish, shabby chic looks & GH is minimalistic. Best for us to meet half way. Anyways, check some of my shots...

Some shots during GH BDAY crayfish party...
Butterknife rester a crystal flower form from Kosta Boda
My crayfish centerpiece with butterflies
Now, it looks things fall to their places, a crayfish candle holder
I use kitchen towels as table napkins
More treasures here & there
Sunshine! fantastic when the wine crystal glass sparkles

Here are the sample of the palatable dishes for YOU to enjoy this day:
Special cheeze pie for the crayfish (swedish way) & my crayfish bread
Mix melon sallad & fresh crayfish


HAVE A FAB TS & Don't forget to head over to Susan:
Keep your heart in place...

14 kommentarer:

  1. This is really pretty an elegant and I wouldn't call it a minimalist, lol....Christine

  2. So pretty! And the food looks delicious, too.
    It will be interesting to find the right "mix" of furniture and decor if your taste and your husband's are so far apart. Let us know what you decide!

  3. Vilka fina masker du hade mitt på bordet, och jättefint med handdukarna som servetter. Brödet är otroligt fint, en jättefin kräftskiva du hade.
    Varm kram

  4. Very pretty. I love the crayfish bread and the centerpiece is fun! Thank you for stopping by.


  5. your table sparkles with all that crystal...love the tablecloth...the food looks fantastic, Chie!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Wow! this looks amazing. The food all looks delicious too.

    Carolyn Aiken

  7. Very nice tablescaping! and glad you are back in blog land..I was wondering how wonderful is your summer until you are almost lost to us. Hugs.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I once lived in Louisiana where we ate lots of crayfish -- but we called it "crawfish" there! Does your cheese pie have crayfish in it? If it does, I would love that recipe! It sounds great.

  9. That food looks absolutely delicious! You have set the perfect table to show it off. Good luck deciding on decor. I especially like your bread!

  10. A gorgeous table to show off your gorgeous food.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Your food looks incredible. It's not even lunch time here and you've got me starving!!! I love your use of the dish towels for napkins. Thanks for visiting Buttermilk Cottage and I hope you'll come back often.

  12. Some advice for your husband from a 42 year marriage and still going strong: If the hen is happy, the rooster will ultimately be happy, too! Your crayfish feast is wonderful and bright. The crayfish bread is my favorite element. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. Thanks for your kind comments on my post. Just to give you a reference point, the AJKA, Arabella goblets sell for around $50.00 per stem...sometimes you can find a set of 4 for $!75.00. If you can buy a set for $50.00, you are getting a really great deal! Come back and visit any time. Cherry Kay

  14. Your food always makes me hungry! Did you do the bread? If so, you are way too clever. Like the "GH" moniker. Hope you are having a great day. L


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