Sunny Wetty SS#28


Hope all are well this early autumn weather. Did you notice that the weather is like me? Sunny one seconds then rainy the other? Seems it's menopausing huh? God must be crazy too? Well, that's nature. Hope you get what I mean, §:-)

Kidding aside, my dear friends, I am a bit stressy at home everytime I see the lounge upside down. GH is soo busy remodelling changing wallpapers, some new furniture (if my wallet allow me to purchase my style) but as I mentioned earlier, GH is minimalist and married to a crazy hoarder? What a perfect match!!! Hmmm... he will meet me half way in my way, or?

Well, here's some snaps I toke from Here & About... Enjoy!
I met GH filling the wall for a better outcome for the wallpaper early this a.m.
Poor lamp! really stand by still waiting her place while GH is busy...
My kitchen looks like this, ready to bake my GI bread again...
Simple but healthy... keep docs away & keep my tummy at bay...
Another healthy variation of my blueberry muffins
Cam on the train station...
While am chasing some shadows! Perfect! It's Swedish Election tomorrow...
Opps! she did it again... A Zara model for a day or two isn't bad, do you think?

Now, am rushing out to attend my friend's baby shower... I will catch you up later, precious ladies?

Enjoy the best of the week-end!!!

Don't forget to head over to Tracy:

Take care & God Bless...

13 kommentarer:

  1. happy SS! creative shadow shots!
    thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. :)

  2. Such great shadow shots for the day! Very creative and fun! Hope your weekend is going well, Chie!


  3. GH works hard in the remodeling, so the bread is a nice treat that he deserves (well, I am sure he thinsk so). The shadows from the lamp and other items that were moved is impressive. I hope the Winter stays away from you as much as possible - I suppose tha is a dream...

  4. Fun shots of your lovely home, and of the work in progress. I'm sure it will turn out beautifully.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  5. Such delightful shots! They (and you) exude so much positive energy!

  6. Girl, do you ever slow're as bad as me, always something new in our minds, we just love to decorate our homes...I just never have time to cook, so you are one up on me, bet the bread was yummy. When you just cook for one, there isn't much brain power used...then it's on to another project.

    Have a great Sunday chasing those shadows and decorating ideas, what a patient husband...see ya friend!


  7. Hehe...your poster sure gets around! Love all your shadow shots! A minimalist/hoarder partnership sounds rather tricky! Lots of compromising I guess! Have a great week :)

  8. Great array of shots. Opposites attract don't they ;0) Have a happy week ahead :0)

  9. Isn't remodeling fun:)Hope it's all set back straight for you soon. nice SSs!

  10. You look perfect on that billboard and your husband looks like he's painting a work of art on the wall.

    And your healthy bread and muffins look delicious. You've reminded me that I've got a pumpkin pie waiting to be made.

    enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a good week.

  11. Great shadow shots. Love the first and the second photos the most.

    Have a great week.

  12. Wonderful shadow photos and I loved seeing part of your world. Your bread and muffins look lovely ...I would love the recipes for these ;-)
    Enjoy your autumn as we have a wet and wild spring in New Zealand.

  13. I love them all! You have such an entertaining SSS post always Chie!! Is that really you there in the window if that glamorous looking store window? Hmmmm....! I'm very impressed!


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