Sunny SS #28 in an AutumnDay

Warm & sunny week-end!

It's funny to think that Fall is here. Amazingly, it's still sunny & hotty!!! Isn't that wonderful? I am so glad that I can still sit outside in my cozy gazebo with cushions while we had our snacks break in the our open porch.

I am not feeling well this week-end due to a flu. It came without any sympton. Just a lil sore throat. Anyways, it didn't stop me to chase my unbeatable activity every week-end.


Lil Liz bedroom, greated me "hi! early riser?! Well fixedm still? she's on school trip for 9 days
Sweden-Berlin-Krakow, Poland & vice versa

Almost finish lounge, welcomes me this morning!
Unfinish reading corner joined the fun too? TY gorgeous!
On my way to chase SS
I ended up to a sort of train graveyard...
This is the Stockholm Underground, no passengers this early Saturday a.m.
I don't like to look at the rail but, as today ain't busy, I dare §;-)
I got out to have a fun walk, & followed these, I guess, early shopers?
Am home? brought fresh veges & flowers with my shopping trolley
Vit C boosting to rid away my colds...NOT? fresh orange juice & homemade raspberry syrup
Waaahhh... mushrooms grew in my rose plot! Reminding me that, it's AUTUMN!


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15 kommentarer:

  1. What a great group of shadow shots for the day, Chie! I love them! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  2. underground
    silent until train
    rumbles by

  3. those first interior shots look great...

  4. Your home is beautiful the shadows so nice regarding the furniture and food. I like the interior of the train station, the dark ceiling and dark shadows very beautiful. Neat!

  5. love these group of shadows. thanks for sharing.xxlynda

  6. Wonderful shadows as always!

  7. Far out brussel sprout! For somebody with the flu you sure did an amazing job of chasing shadows down! You're a legend! I am sorry that you're not feeling well. Get plenty of rest and keep up the fluids and all that important stuff! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  8. You always have a way of bringing a smile to our faces every Sunday(Saturday). It's cool here this morning in Iowa, but the sun is out and will warm up soon, don't want ol' man winter sneaking in too soon...boy am I dreading it this year!

    Those old cold bugs have a way of sneaking up on us during the change of seasons, take care and stay away from the sickies that pass you the bugs...but your yummy table setting tells me you're eating right, so I don't have to lecture you there...ha!

    Enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather, me and Scratchy are off on an adventure today...weeeee!!!

    Have a great week ahead my quazy sister from over the pond!!!


  9. Wow...lots of neat SSs. The bed looks so inviting, I love the old train and those are really cool mushrooms!

  10. Love your train trip ;) ps. Did you get my address?

    here it is again:

    Bodil Røsvik
    6040 Vigra

  11. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! great shots!

  12. Tack för att Du tittade in hos mig!
    Javisst är den kronan fin och vet Du jag hade turen att vinna den i en utlottning som Fridas Gård hade i våras. Kolla deras nätshop.
    Ha det gott!
    Kram Lena

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon fun being sick...we can't imagine all of the shadows you found...our's would have been from bed if we were sick!
    Love those mushrooms - too funny!
    Always love seeing your beautiful home full of shadows :) Have a wonderful week!

  14. Hoho....
    Är du hemma eller går du runt i tunnelbanan ännu.
    Visst är det mycket fint att se u tunnelbanan. Åtminstone de nyare stationerna.
    Taket på din bild var fint.

    Hoppas att du inte ska äta den svampen i din trädgård hihi.
    Men vacker var den.

    Nu ska jag njuta en fika, maken sover. Han ska jobba inatt.
    Sköt om dig och de dina min goa vän.
    kramen Synnöve.


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