Last Days of Sunny Summer TS

Summer is on the way to an END (this year)

Too quick to think that summer is passing by. Time for hibernation. Well, weather is like our lives. It's like a wheel. Sometimes it's UP & sometimes it's Down. Not really whinning as of yet. I am just enjoying the last days of sunny start AUTUMN.

I am joining this mid-week with Susan at "BNOP" Tablescaping every Thursday. I had lots of fun doing my TS today. I can't imagine, I had some spare moments being busy. I guess the weather really place a very important thing in our lives, isn't it? Well...


It says "VÄLKOMMEN" ... hope U will enjoy your time @ D´Nics
Well, want to grab some plums? Be my guests, gorgeous? We've lots of them...
Or maybe some apple? Pick as many as you can while am fixing the finishing touches
New member of my treasure is this crystal bowl, a bday present
Another new members, another bday present, flatwares by Snail, I have a dozen
Swiss cyrstal candle holder found at the bottom of some boxes at the attic
Whisky glass, substitute my normal water glasses, here with Orrefors crystal wine glass
I found out that this looks better, when things fall in it's places?
Greek vintage handmade crystal glasses with silver lid to keep bees away from our drink
With a vintage crystal decanter. I used as my raspberry syrup jug
Today, I use simple dishes to match the surroundings...
Berries & flowers was added to give more nature touch & blend in my garden
A close up for a closer look
This is the final look of my centerpiece, so simple but I love it...
Our homemade bird's bath, uses as bowl to wash our hands, isn't it cute?
Plaids are a must as it become chilly now...
Apple tree bejewelled for a night subtile factor
A chilly night but worth to stay out as we still have a nice chitchat
Frosty night is coming
This is how it looks like now. Sunset's & the candle lights give us warm
While we sit & enjoying the last warm summer night
But before heading to Susan, don't forget to sign my guestbook, thanks?

Isn't that funny that while browsing tablescaping, I stumbled in at Susan's TS dated Sept. 16, 2008 and by that time, she only had 15 players inclusive herself? Exactly 2 years. What a coincidence. And now she have more than 200 participants. Overwhelming Susan... job well done.


19 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely setting.
    Enjoy last days of summer.
    We are lucky here DU weather is just perfect.

  2. You have set a gorgeous table Chie! Enjoy your Fall weather.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Godmorgon.
    Så fint du dukat på din Garden dinner, kanske årets sista ute. Jättevackert med den vita duken och dina grekiska glas. Fina bestick hade du också, och så mycket plommon. Härligt och plocka in i en stor skål.
    Ha en fin dag
    Ps, hoppas du fått ett litet grönt paket...

  4. Ethereal, romantic, and beautiful. You've created a beautiful total environment. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  5. Dear Chie,
    thanks for your lovely comment !!!
    The table looks greate and the idea sounds good...if you like to read my post, there is a translater on the sidebar...
    Have a nice in germany it rains since days and autumn will come soon, too,
    best wishes ,

  6. A very pretty table! I love your welcoming bike and how wonderful to have the fruit trees on your property-enjoy!

  7. that was a beautiful table, I just love the syrup jug, it's so pretty. The white tablecloth looks very nice in the green background. You did a wonderful job, thanks for posting.

  8. So pretty. Everything looks so elegant. I love your beautiful linens and your table is lovely with such beautiful accessories.
    Thanks so much also for your gracious comments on my post. I really appreciate your visits and I am so happy to meet you. Hugs, Marty

  9. Thank you for commenting on my TS. I love your table in the garden. The glasses with the silver tops are so beautiful and I love your napkins (are they olives) I couldnt tell but I love olives. lol Wonderful TS thanks so much for joining the party.

  10. You have some beautiful things Chie, and you've displayed them very creatively. I hope your lovely fall weather lingers long.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Comments are always fun to read.

  11. Oh Chie what a gorgeous garden setting. I think it is lovely that you have such distinct seasons. We don't! Hot or just a bit chilly... that's it! A-M xx

  12. Hi Chie, It is so nice to meet you. I have never been to Sweden but would love to go. I like the greek glasses with the silver lids! And your entire table is so dainty. Looking forward to more! Linda

  13. How enchanting! I love all of your beautiful pieces. The linens are just gorgeous and I love how they drape on the ground. What a beautiful setting for your table. Thanks for sharing from all the way across the world!

  14. Lovely! what a beautiful setting...both day and night! Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Have a beautiful weekend~
    ;-D Kathleen

  15. Well, you may call it simple, but I call it SIMPLY LOVELY! I love those glasses with the tops to keep the bees out.

    And when you lit it by candlelight, it was gorgeous!

  16. So lovely! I love the way the tablecloth drapes. The lights at night are so pretty. I wish I could pick some of those apples.

  17. Richie, What a great spot for an evening meal...very pretty table.

  18. Vackert Chie! Din trädgård ser uinderbar ut med nydukat.Såna snailbestick har jag med.Gillar verkligen dina grekiska vintageglas med lock helsnygga. Kram Katta

  19. OOh that table is so pretty. I love those greek glasses with the covers. I have only seen crochet covers for glasses. Your garden looks delightful. Thanks for dropping in.. now i've found your blog and that makes me happy!


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